In My Head—–>>> Bayern Munich Vs Chelsea. UEFA FINAL.

Commentator 1: “Welcome to Allianz Arena. Venue for 2012 UEFA Champions League Final”.

Commentator 2: “Another 90 mins of classic football at its peak between Europe’s best”.

Commentator 1: “No, between two of Europe’s best”.

Commentator 1: “Bayern Munich face-off against Chelsea in the final of most important club tournament in the world. The Champions League final at the Allianz Arena in Munich will not have six quality players playing due to suspension, but there is still an array of stars who will battle it out to decide who rules Europe for a year”.

Commentator 2: “Chelsea really have their work cut-out for them”.

Commentator 1: “Let’s see how it goes. Key battles will be between ‘Arjen Robben vs Ashley Cole’, ‘Frank Ribery vs Jose Bosingwa’ Phillip Lahm vs Fernando Torres’, ‘Bastian Schweinsteiger vs Frank Lampard’ and ‘Jerome Boateng vs Didier Drogba'”.

Commentator 1: “Form in last five matches”:

Bayern Munich:
Won 1-2 vs Werder Bremen
Won 2-1 vs Real Madrid
Won 2-0 vs Stuttgart
Won 1-4 vs Koln
Lost 2-5 vs Borussia Dortmund

Won 2-1 vs Blackburn
Lost 1-4 vs Liverpool
Won 2-1 vs Liverpool
Lost 0-2 vs Newcastle
Won 6-1 vs QPR

Commentator 1:-

“LineUp for this fixture

Bayern Munich:
Neuer, Lahm, Boateng,Tymoshchuk, Contento, Kroos, Schweinsteiger, Muller, Robben, Ribery, Gomez

Cech, Bosingwa, Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Mikel, Essien, Lampard, Mata, Torres, Drogba”.

Commentator 2:- “Closing Ceremony is ongoing and the military men in crisp uniforms, march out, bearing the cup in hand. The referee for this match is referee Pedro Proenca, and no doubt this is one of the biggest game of his life”.

Commentator 1:- “Will these match-ups really count after the first whistle? Does a diamond formation remain a diamond after kick-off? Also, will there even be 22 players on the field or not is a question, given Didier Drogba’s record of collecting red card in previous big games”.

Commentator 2:- “Do you see this ending in an extra-time/penalty affair?”

Commentator 1:- “No, not really, 90 minutes should be able to tell the difference”.

Chelsea Fans unfurl banner reading ”Pride Of London’…

Kick-Off is here and let’s settle back for 90 minutes of exhilarating football.

1:00: Didier Drogba kicks off the match.

3:00: Bayern Munich are beginning to exert themselves into the match. Chelsea already in full stride.

5:00 Arjen Robben cuts in from the left, goal bound shot deflected by Ashley Cole. Corner kick is given.

7:00 Chelsea’s Roberto Di Matteo acting dramatic on the sidelines, making claims for a penalty.

Commentator 1:- “I really think it was a penalty. Lahm was the last player and i think it was a blatant foul on Didier Drogba”.

Commentator 2:- “Seems the referee is trying to keep balance in the game”.

9:00:- “Lampard showing flashes of the past. Incisive through-pass to Drogba. Shot blocked by the goal keeper”.

Commentator 2:- “Sir Alex Ferguson spotted in the crowd, with a chewing gum as usual. Bemused look on his face”.

11:00:- Still a goalless draw.

15:00- Quarter of an hour played. Pressure mounting on both sides to get the much needed first goal. Torres looking not quite sharp, two missed chances. Chelsea fans are baying ‘Pride Of London’ and the home fans are hailing their team.

17:00:- Good combination from Frank Ribery and Bastian Schweinsteiger, through pass to Gomez. A weak shot comes off the striker’s left foot. And Bayern Munich lost a chance to go one ahead.

Commentator 1:- “Look of relief on faces of Chelsea Fans”.

Commentator 2:- “You don’t give a player of that quality such chance/s”.

19:00:- GOAL! GOAL!! GOAL!!!
Didier Drogba has broken deadlock. Beautiful piece of football, a feints to the left,
loses his marker and a shot to the bottom right corner of the post gives
Chelsea a deserved lead.

19:00:- Assist for the Goal came from Micheal Essien.

Commentator 1:- “That was beautiful”.

Commentator 2:- “Chelsea players looking happy. Already thinking of celebrating? Well, is that not a tad too early”?

25:00:- Bayern Munich playing out the possession, Chelsea are sitting deep.

27:00:- Free Kick to Bayern Munich. 25m away from Goal post.

28:00:- Arjen Robben takes a short one, clipped the upright of the goal post. The keeper was nowhere near it.

32:00:- Kroos on an amazing run from mid-field, tackle from Bosingwa at the edge of the Box 18. Possession is lost.

35:00:- Wide Shot from Essien. It was nowhere near the post.

Commentator 2:- “10 minutes from half-time. Chelsea in the driving seat, leading with one goal”.

39:00:- Offside goal from Gomez. He timed his run a little too fast.

42:00:- First booking goes to Essien. Tough challenge on Kroos.

44:00:- 3 Minutes injury time.

45:00+3:- GOAL! GOAL!! GOAL!!!
Robben draws the defenders toward him and releases a low pass into the box.
Simple tap-in from Gomez restores parity to the score line.

45:00+4 :- Half time whistle is blown.

Commentator 2:- “Scoreline stands at Bayern Munich 1- Chelsea 1”

Players walk into the dressing room.

Commentator 1:- “Chelsea will be shaking their heads at that sloppy bit of defending that gifted Bayern the goal”.

Commentator 2:-

Half-time Stat

Bayern Munich Chelsea
52% Ball Possession 48%
15 Shot 12
5 Shots On Target 3
7 Foul 7
3 Corner 2
0 Yellow Card 1
0 Red Card 0

Commentator 1:- Second half kicks off

47:00:- Both sides playing cautious incisive football.

49:00:- Shot from Torres clips the goal post.

52:00:- Shot from Mikel Obi. Misses goalpost by a whisker.

Commentator 1:- “Chelsea are really holding it in absence of Ramires and John Terry”.

53:00:- Goal! Oh no. Ribery lobs the keeper in Ramires style. Cahill was on hand to clear it off the goal line.

55:00:- Scuffle around Chelsea’s goal post. Ribery left on the ground with blood oozing from his nose. Replay shows him going to the ground after being pushed by Didier Drogba.
Medics rushes in. No card is issued.

58:00:- Blatant hand-ball from Cahill. Referee waves play on. Bayern Munich players look on in dismay.

62:00:- Break away from Chelsea, Torres races on, rounds the keeper, and shoots to side of the post.

Commentator 1:- “Oh no, from hero to villian. What a miss”!

Commentator 2:- “Such is not expected from a player of his calibre”.

*Kalou warm up in the sideline*

64:00:- Jose Mourinho spotted in the crowds.

67:00:- Offside.
Shot from Muller. Cech punches it back and the ball is kicked into the net by Gomez.
Referee blows offside.
70:00:- Commentator 1:- “No substitution yet. And the game is levelled at one-all”.

74:00:- Referee issues a yellow-card to Didier Drogba for dissent.

82:00:- GOAL! GOAL!! GOAL!!!
Drogba has done it again. Beautiful free kick to top left corner of the post.
Manuel was rooted to the ground.

85:00:- Red Card to Kroos for two footed challenge on Torres.

88:00:- Substitution
Torres is out for Kalou.
Olic is on for Contento.

89:00:- GOAL! GOAL! GOAL!
Substitution pays dividend as Olic nods in from Ribery’s Corner kick.
Assist for the goal, came from Ribery.

*5minutes additional time is shown on the clock*.

90:00:- *SENDING OFF*.
Referee award penalty to Bayern Munich. Second Yellow card to Micheal Essien.

91:00:- Ribery steps up to take the kick,

Commentator 1:- “Everyone’s heart is in their mouth”.

Goal! Goal!! Goal!!!
Peter Cech guessed the right direction but the ball goes faster.

Bayern Munich 3- Chelsea 2.

91:00:- *Substitution*
Malouda comes in for Mikel Obi.
Rafinha comes in for Gomez.

93:00:- *Yellow Card*
Goal Keeper Manuel Neuer, is booked for time wasting.

94:00:- Bayern Munich Holds on to ball possession.

Drogba tries a short from Midfield.

*Goal kick is awarded.*

95:00:- Time runs out.
Final Whistle is blown.

Commentator 1:- “Chelsea fan look forlorn and lost. I wasn’t expecting otherwise given their inability to hold on to the ball”.

*Camera Zooms in on *Roman Abramovich. Wiry look on his face.*

Commentator 2:- “I give it to Bayern Munich. They really held their head up despite the sending off. Well, another much coveted trophy eludes the Roman Abramovich’s Team”.

*Bayern Munich*. Champions UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2012.

Closing Curtain on UEFA LEAGUE FINAL. Courtesy Official Sponsor Heineken.

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