25 random things about me

Day 13

Wanted to write 40 random things about me but i’m a kinda boring person, so i’ll stop at 25.

1. I love been in a lady’s company… Maybe it’s cos i’m my mum’s only son and i grew up in the midst of two sisters or perhaps…

2. My favourite hobby is daydreaming, if only dreams comes true!!!

3. One personal thing about myself that i don’t like, hmmm, nothing.

4. My b’day, on the 27th of november in one certain year it fell on a monday.

5. I read with a passion, i’v really not met anyone who reads faster than i do.

6. The only phobia i have is just fear of height… And Shark { not that i plan on ever seeing one}….

7. One regret i have, that i can’t go back in time to correct some mistakes.

8. Most Emmbarrasing Moment. i’m yet to have one.

9. I’m very good when it comes to hiding my feelings, can’t be a slave to it!!!

10. I rarely get angry except when i have no choice… being gentle doesn’t necessarily means being stupid!!!

11. My Special girl, must have d ff characteristics…
1. Must be beautiful.
2. Must not have any tribal mark of any form…
3. Must be fluent in English…
4.Must be presentable to my friends…
Not too much to ask of… Abi???

12. I’m yet to experience any heartbreak.

13. I’m a very very god cook. I derive pleasure in cooking.

14. I’m very good with babies. I love them alot especially cute ones. {I’m not a peadophile o}

15. I’v neither drunk alcohol nor have i smoked before… And it’s something to be proud of cos not many my age-mate can say that!!!

16. One thing i can’t do without, my mobile phone.

17. I’m a Manchester United fan and i hate Messi with passion. The guy is good sha, can’t deny that.

18. I’m an extrovert and I love making new friends.

19. I’m a boring person, i don’t how to hold a conversation for too ong.

20. If i weren’t a Nigerian, i would prefer to be a Briton.

21. If i were to be re-incarnated, i would still love to come back as a member of the masculine specie. It’s a serious big deal to be a of the feminine species.

22. I’m not in a hurry to marry, but i’m in a hurry to hold my child/ren in my arms.

23. Last person i called was @Bhawakarsoglam.

24. Last text i received was a twitter notification for a DM.

25. if i had 1min with Goodluck Jonathan, i would simply tell him to keep up the ‘good work’ afterall, Ibori did the same and he got 13yrs, only difference is that his, might be in an iraqi prison.

26. One self coined quote that summarizes me up, ‘Rules are meant to be broken’.

27. Last time i checked, i had 5000 facebook friends and 3207 twitter followers. Someone is wondering how that added to my bank account, well, ever heard of Social Media Marketing???

28. In five years time, I should be within grasp of being a ‘Made Man’.

29. I prefer text, to calls… it kinda brings a type of ‘intimacy’…

30. I don’t really fancy drinking Garri except i’m on ‘Kre’ levels…


32. I should stop since, cos i’v passed the 25th mark… but…

33. Why blogging? Hmmm, just another avenue to express myself.

34. After posting this, I’m off to the female hostel to see #oomf.

35. When i was writing this, i asked 3 people 1 think they think about me…
They Said,
1. You are annoying.
2. You are your handle i.e @StraitTwistedMe
3. Quite Saucy and sarcastic.

18th April 2012

About @StraitTwistedMe

Random Ish.

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  1. Lmao…lots of funny things up there!!…abt d alcohol thingy i doubt that!!…kool tho

  2. you hate Messi *deletes you* -_-

  3. nice. got me laughing.

  4. lol. better than ur last

  5. that novel ish..we’ll see to that cuz i read novels fast too. u r in a hurry to marry but u r in a hurry to have kids..that’s something and wait o..u didn’t tell us if u r a virgin or not…hian joking jare..lool

  6. This is kul, love it

  7. No25. Very Funny. Can sue u 4 treason.

  8. Liked it. Ya weird tho. Very very.

  9. I agree. You are very very annoying. Love u all d same.

  10. Lol. Truly random.

  11. L☺l, nice, you really are twisted

  12. @ your No 5, I’m faster

  13. Jennie Bubblez

    You are the most shallow, vague and the most self involved person person I have met. Well that’s me been blunt and rude, so there!

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