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After BreakUp, Life Goes On.

Day 19

One of the hardest things to do in life is to walk out or let go of a relationship. No matter what the cause of a breakup, learning to let go just often isn’t easy to do. It could be the one that got away, a first love, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or unrequited love. Regardless of the situation, learning to let go of what’s over is often a very difficult thing to do and the hurt can often last for years if a person simply won’t break the hold.
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True Friendship…

Day 18

As long as the heavens and earth remain, there will be cold and heat, seed-time and harvest time, ‘friends’ coming and ‘friends’ going. Ahhh… Friendship!!! That highly underrated Institution which has the power to make or break the most powerful of Kings and the most miserable of Paupers.From Pre-historic civilizations to this Microwave generation of Instant messaging, world-at-your-fingertips existence, True Friendship has remained the utopia that only a handful have ever truly experienced.

Ask yourself, are u a good friend? Or do you have someone you can truly call a friend? Pondering on it? Hmmm, maybe i should re-phrase it and ask if you have a true friend. What defines True Friendship you might wonder? In the answer to that question lies the key to a lifetime of peace, laughter and true meaning. Many have sought this key; an abstract treasure of more value than even the riches of the lost Atlantis. Few have found it; and with the knowledge of what they hold in their possession, they guard it. As diligently as a drunk Mad-man holds onto his bottle, which he believes contains the wisdom of the gods, so the few who find the key to True friendship guard their discovery.

Why do they hold on so preciously to this knowledge you may ask?

Hmmmnnn… can it be because they are aware that even if they handed it over to you on a platter of indulgence, you wouldn’t accept it? But might instead, cast it away as something of no value?

Many others do not know the value of this friendship thing. You extend your arm repeatedly to them in an invitation to join you in the reality of your heaven; your heart goes out to them as you see them suffer without purpose, but they scorn you and your gesture of kindness and adopt a deeper level of complacency in their sorrows.

That is the reason why many seek but don’t find the key to True Friendship.But how can you blame them, when the unlocking of that door is at the very expense of their own lives. True Friendship comes with a very costly price tag. The currencies of this world are not accepted in the exclusive store where it is given.

It demands of you the very thing you have been taught to guard in all your life’s education and experience. Your natural instinct is to preserve your life and do everything within and outside your capacity to sustain yourself. True Friendship calls on you to present yourself on an altar of continuous sacrifice. You have been trained by life in the art of representing self-interest above and beyond any other. True Friendship calls on you to esteem the interests of a Friend above and beyond your own. True Friendship demands your very life of you; the very best of you to be given to another, at the expense of yourself.

It is in our negative experience of the concept, that we have collectively coined the term ‘True Friendship’. That in itself is a form of tautology, because Truth is the definition of what Friendship is.
So what sense does it make to emphasize ‘True’ Truth?

Friendship allows you the freedom to bare the truth of who you are in the presence of another, and not be ashamed. It gives you the platform to express the depths of your desires and not be disdained.

Friendship provides a mirror in which you see the frailness of your humanity; the inconvenience of your weaknesses, the ugliness of your flaws and the deceptiveness of your experience. And yet it is in Friendship that you find the courage to address all that the mirror has revealed to you. Friendship allows you to be weak when the world demands that you be strong.

Friendship gives you strength when the world weakens you with its permissiveness. It awakens the person your experience has brutalized into unconsciousness; and nurses the deep wounds your suffering has inflicted upon your consciousness. All human relationships bow before the sacred throne of Friendship; for the purpose of ALL human relationships, is to discover a Friend.

Be a friend today, it’s never too late.


4th April 2012


#Apology. PHCN interrupted power supply since, hence, lack of previous post.

Day 14.

This is my first attempt ever at writing a poem. Pls bear with me for every error you might spot in it. All the same, criticisms would be highly welcome.


Closing Darkness in a whirlwind.
Empty feeling in a/n hollow mind.
Beginning of the end grind.

A jump into space rockets.
Empty stares from blank eye sockets.
Now just a number in awaiting dockets.

Just another name in sands of time
To the name, some can still hold a dime
Life, lived without rythm nor rhyme

Knowing by intuition
You can’t set the conditions
It’s not all about superstition.

Our lives lace
What’s left is just our minute trace
Continuous circle of life phase.

Lots of words left unspoken
Hearts remain broken.

Gone from the earth
Memories fade with our death
Whispers of our name by fire hearth.

Tomorrow is another day
Awakening of beings made from clay
Faces held up to the sun rays.

25 random things about me

Day 13

Wanted to write 40 random things about me but i’m a kinda boring person, so i’ll stop at 25.

1. I love been in a lady’s company… Maybe it’s cos i’m my mum’s only son and i grew up in the midst of two sisters or perhaps…

2. My favourite hobby is daydreaming, if only dreams comes true!!!

3. One personal thing about myself that i don’t like, hmmm, nothing.

4. My b’day, on the 27th of november in one certain year it fell on a monday.

5. I read with a passion, i’v really not met anyone who reads faster than i do.

6. The only phobia i have is just fear of height… And Shark { not that i plan on ever seeing one}….

7. One regret i have, that i can’t go back in time to correct some mistakes.

8. Most Emmbarrasing Moment. i’m yet to have one.

9. I’m very good when it comes to hiding my feelings, can’t be a slave to it!!!

10. I rarely get angry except when i have no choice… being gentle doesn’t necessarily means being stupid!!!

11. My Special girl, must have d ff characteristics…
1. Must be beautiful.
2. Must not have any tribal mark of any form…
3. Must be fluent in English…
4.Must be presentable to my friends…
Not too much to ask of… Abi???

12. I’m yet to experience any heartbreak.

13. I’m a very very god cook. I derive pleasure in cooking.

14. I’m very good with babies. I love them alot especially cute ones. {I’m not a peadophile o}

15. I’v neither drunk alcohol nor have i smoked before… And it’s something to be proud of cos not many my age-mate can say that!!!

16. One thing i can’t do without, my mobile phone.

17. I’m a Manchester United fan and i hate Messi with passion. The guy is good sha, can’t deny that.

18. I’m an extrovert and I love making new friends.

19. I’m a boring person, i don’t how to hold a conversation for too ong.

20. If i weren’t a Nigerian, i would prefer to be a Briton.

21. If i were to be re-incarnated, i would still love to come back as a member of the masculine specie. It’s a serious big deal to be a of the feminine species.

22. I’m not in a hurry to marry, but i’m in a hurry to hold my child/ren in my arms.

23. Last person i called was @Bhawakarsoglam.

24. Last text i received was a twitter notification for a DM.

25. if i had 1min with Goodluck Jonathan, i would simply tell him to keep up the ‘good work’ afterall, Ibori did the same and he got 13yrs, only difference is that his, might be in an iraqi prison.

26. One self coined quote that summarizes me up, ‘Rules are meant to be broken’.

27. Last time i checked, i had 5000 facebook friends and 3207 twitter followers. Someone is wondering how that added to my bank account, well, ever heard of Social Media Marketing???

28. In five years time, I should be within grasp of being a ‘Made Man’.

29. I prefer text, to calls… it kinda brings a type of ‘intimacy’…

30. I don’t really fancy drinking Garri except i’m on ‘Kre’ levels…


32. I should stop since, cos i’v passed the 25th mark… but…

33. Why blogging? Hmmm, just another avenue to express myself.

34. After posting this, I’m off to the female hostel to see #oomf.

35. When i was writing this, i asked 3 people 1 think they think about me…
They Said,
1. You are annoying.
2. You are your handle i.e @StraitTwistedMe
3. Quite Saucy and sarcastic.

18th April 2012

Murder In The Theatre

Day 10 of 30

I looked at him, his face stone-cold and un-moving. My appeal to him gone un-noticed. I tried talking myself out of it but i knew otherwise because this was best for three of us. Countdown started, tapping my feet on the ground incessantly. My mind in a turmoil of it’s own. If only I had heeded to advices, looking at him now, I wonder how I got charmed by his sweet talks. Now he’s taking from the flesh of my womb and he’s destroying it. I stared at the receipt in my mind. Only the amount paid was written on it, nothing else. Not even what the money was meant for.

My name got called, I looked at him for re-assurance but none was given. My mind went blank and my legs refused to stand up. My name was called again. Then it dawned on me that the moment was near. I stood up on jittery legs and still no word of comfort from him. Everyone looked at me and not him, embarrassed is a small word for how felt. I wish the ground would swallow me up. I cursed the day I meet him.

Moving towards the attendant in green shrubs, she directed me into a cubicle, gave me green overall and told me to change. I felt used displaying my nudity to just anybody. She gave me this icy look and told me what am I waiting for, do I think they have all day for me? In robot-like movement, I stripped naked and I changed. I waited for her to call me out and it felt like a million years. I wanted to change my mind and leave but I knew this was for the better.

The doctor came to meet me, a bald guy with no re-assuring look on his face. He looked devil-sent. He looked at me and the look gave me goosebumps. He told me it would be over in minutes that he had done over hundreds of it but his voice held no reassurance for me. I thought to myself, nobody knows ‘m here. If I die, my so-called boyfriend could as well just leave and I would just be another ‘john doe’ in the mortuary.

I was wheeled into the theatre room and reality finally dawned on me. In a moment of panic, I told him I’m not doing again. He turned, had this smile on his face that belonged nowhere in the theatre and told me to relax. I nodded and he gave directions to his nurses.

I was put on drip, and I lost consciousness for some minutes. Waking back to reality, I was semi-conscious, my legs have already been separated. I felt like garbage, I felt used, I felt like a dirty rag. I was seeing things in spiraling way. The doctor came over told me not to resist it and he picked up his instrument of death. I wondered how many people he had used it on. He went in-between my legs and his fingers were probing into my privates.

The pain was sharp and sudden, like a thousand needles pricking a numb feet. I felt blood gush out of my body and his fingers continued probing. Can’t tell how I knew but I felt the exact moment life was removed from the foetus. It was disconnected from me and dropped into a pan. I looked at it and tears dropped freely from my eyes. I felt numb and no pain was being transmitted back to my brain.

It might have been the future president of the country, it might have been the most richest person in the world/continent. But now, it’s just another material that can’t say it ever lived. I can’t even take it with me. As a souvenir or a trophy to show the world that in here, lies someone who could have being a great person.

The drip began to wear off and I was coming to full consciousness gradually. I tried standing but I fell back feeling dizzy. Gathering strength, I wore my clothes and I was told I was free to go. The doctor gave me some drugs, told me how to use them and I was bidded goodbye.

I walked back into the waiting room, went to meet the guy I came with {I can’t bring myself to call him my boyfriend} or rather a ‘father to be’ till some minutes ago. And he held my hand and we both walked out together. Upon reaching the door, I heard the receptionist call out another name.

15th April 2012


Day 8 0f 30.

While in traffic,
I noticed a billboard that featured IT… although it was advertising a snack, there were hints of IT everywhere; As I got home, I saw IT on the television while I ate my dinner; I then flipped through the pages of a couple of magazines just before bedtime, and I saw IT again – IT was all over the place! I got to school the next day and there IT was – my colleagues were joking about IT; I ignored them and instead, I plugged into my iPod and more than half the songs on it were about IT. In my bid to get away from IT, I switched on my computer, i brely connected to th internet and there IT was again… connotations of IT on the Internet. At this point, I suddenly realised that there is no getting away from IT. Indeed, IT is everywhere!

Still wondering what the ‘IT’ is ? Lol, well, stop sleeping on a bicycle or stop being a lastcomer… IT is SEX!!! Yes, SEX… Yeah, now you shaking your head and seeing the light in the first paragraph. Even as a single, I imagine that it is great to go the whole way with one’s husband / wife – the one you truly love. I also realise that the world will come to a halt if this doesn’t happen – there must be
procreation; we need babies! Other than these two instances, I can’t imagine what IT is useful for. Why does everyone give IT so much attention? They say “sex sells”! Why bother to buy IT? Whatever for? IT’s all done in just a couple of minutes anyway (even though a friend told me that he can go for hours), and then what?

There are millions of zillions of other fun things to do in our world today, which have nothing to do with IT. There are many more things that give us joy (at least they give me joy). For instance, great food, travelling, shopping, good friends, family, true love, making money, religious services – the love of God, material possessions, a good bath, a good night sleep, a walk in the park, putting smiles on people’s faces… if we have all of these to occupy us and much more, why then does it appear as if IT is the only object of our focus?

Someone out there is wondering if ‘m normal
, yeah, i obviously am. Just pointing out the obvious. Myself, i’m not excluded from the sexual thing, i see almost everything i another light. Thanks to twitter, innocent meaning things auto turns sexual in my mind. Who is to blame? Social networks? Our generations? Or those who bred our generations? Or the internet?

I realise that many single people are sexually active but how then would you explain some others who aren’t; yet, they have great lives. Many of whom are happy and content, and life is beautiful for them even though they are currently without IT. IT really isn’t the “be-all and end-all” as IT is made out to be. It is possible to live a full life without feeling pressured to have IT since there is so much more to do with life. No wonder the nuns and priests are still thriving!
Well, some people are still safe from this sexual stigma. Was talking to a lady of recent and in the course of our conversation, i go to know that she did not know the meaning of ‘wet’. I was amazed, and i told her the sexual meaning. Did i corrupt her by telling her or did save her from appearing naive to someone else? Yeah, if everyone were like her how would it all look like?

Serial dating and cheating spouses have become the norm and in the desperate search for even more of IT, single women and men, and even married couples are constantly on the prowl. Strangely, many of such consumers of IT aren’t proud patrons since they often deny their actions publicly. Even then, this isn’t good enough reason to deter them. They say that IT’s best when it’s “illegal”… and I say, “that’s a heap load of BullShit”!

A friend, with whom I discussed my view about IT, said that only haters who aren’t “getting any” will concur. Am I getting any? That’s hardly the point here. However, in my response, i told him even if babes are trying to front, there will always be one available for quickie things moreover, there are enough high class harlot out there from whom i can get one. Therefore, I am not hating, just stating the obvious.

Would you believe that I just spent the last couple of my very priceless minutes writing this article; time that I could have used to accomplish zillions of other very useful things? This goes to show that sex (otherwise known as IT) is undeniably overrated!

Lemme end this with another sex article i wrote long ago.
The Quantity of sex doees not make the relationship valid…
It’s d quality of the relationship that makes the sex valid…
Sex is powerfl, but not impossible to control…
Yesterday’s Foolishness can’t justify today’s Stupidity…
If u are really sure the relationship will last forever,
Then there is no point warming the oven when u are nt ready to bake anything yet…
After every wedding, comes a marriage…
The wedding is d ceremony and the marriage is d relationsip u build l8r…

13th April 2012

Trust Issues

Day 7 0f 30…

Hmmm, did i say i don’t believe in coincidence??? Yesternight, around 2am, was about sleeping and i was wondering what topic i would use for today’s post. I powered on my laptop, opened Windows Media Player, and i clicked on drake’s Farewell album. That album just have a way of soothing my nerves. I decided to check other people’s blog thinking that i should get inspired from someone’s writeup. First blog i went to was @Kemmiiii‘s. And the 1st post i saw there was a poem on ‘Trust Issues’ by @farideey. Click here to read it. Dunno what pulled my attention to it but the song that was drifting from the speakers at that very moment was drake’s “Trust Issues”. At that moment i knew the theme of my next post. Is that Coincidence?

Have you experienced violations of trust
as a child or violations of trust as an adult. It’s normal to experience difficulties trusting others. It’s normal to experience difficulties trusting one’s self. It’s normal to assume that if you go through bad things, you must somehow have deserved them and it’s normal to think you’re stupid if you don’t see what you did to deserve what you got. Yeah, we we are all victims of that.

It is pretty much essential to start off dealing with trust issues by acknowledging that they come from hurts and traumas, and that its normal to have them under those circumstances. Under other circumstances, it comes from not wanting to get hurt, this happens in most relationship. Atfer getting hurt in other relationship, you enter a new one with doubt in your mind. Not wanting to experience the same thing, u love reservedly, yeah, reservedly. You leave allowance for excuses and fuck-ups.

It is very important to talk to someone about what goes on in one’s head. We are a species that needs the clarification that talking about things brings. It is one of the dumbest things in the world to assume that childhood neglect or abuse was deserved (yes, its normal, but its still dumb). Yeah very dumb, it’s a big psychological thing to surmount, be it sexual abuse or domestic violence, with time some things fail to heal, but having someone to talk to can help resolve things.

People do complain of trust issues
, saying they are so anxious tin relationships that they got overly controlling, paranoid over nothing and always o an accusatory tone and general emotional abuse. They say they find themselves watching themselves do this, unable to exert any control over their own behavior. They ultimately cause the demise of valued relationships while panicking about the loss while they do it. This is a trust issue. However, it’s usually more an issue of not trusting one’s self. For the individual who does this to him- or herself without good cause, there’s usually an underlying assumption of unworthiness of a good relationship. There’s a belief that the relationship is an accident. There’s a pervasive sense of being extremely let-go-able that seems to increase over time. (“S/He can’t possibly really be in love with me,” …. “S/He will be cheating on me, if it’s not already happening — I just know it.” …. “It’s only a matter of time until I’m abandoned again.” …. “I can’t stand not knowing!” …. “I’m going to confront her/him as soon as I get home!” …. “I’m NOT going to stand for this!”)

Looking for a reason where none is needed is crap. Relationship wise, you guys should have reached a stage before you agreed to start dating even if you just met yesterday and you started dating today. No excuse to start feeling insecure and start acting up over nothing. Like they say, “A relationship is meant for two”. And like i do add, “some girls stopped counting and some guys lost count”.

Of recent, i tweeted “i barely trust myself, so why should i trust you?”. Reflect on that. How well do you trust yourself? I trust myself to a certain limit, beyond that limit, i can’t say what i would do in any situ.

Lemme end this with a quote from drake’s trust issues
“You actin’ like it’s somebody you don’t know
Tell me how the f-ck we supposed to stay friends
When you got a bunch of feelings that you don’t show
I can tell, I can tell, I can tell certain people don’t like me no more.”

Btw, i had to reference some psychological site to write this. Thanks…

12th April 2012

This Or That???

Day 6 0f 30.

I remember those days, when i was very young and still listened to my grand father’s tale by the moonlight. One night, he said to me ‘My son, listen to this story, it might one day be useful to you.’

There were two friends, Bukola and Dupe, they were very close friends but, they both had different aspirations in life and they pursued their dreams seperately. Bukola wanted to be a Billionaire and Dupe wanted to be a teacher. They both went to tertiary institutions, graduated, and they moved into the labour market.

Bukola toiled and sweated to meet her goals. In the end, she became a millionaire. But she was still never satisfied… Cos she was not yet a billionaire. She became a miser unto herself, giving out with her left hand.
Dupe ended up being a teacher with meagre salary but she was contented that she achieved her dream and she kept on working hard to implant knowledge to people. People took notice of her dedication and showed their appreciation of her works by thanking her an giving her gifts.

Then, my grandfather asked me, “Who among them was successful?” And, i told him, “the world knew Dupe”!

Cool story??? Maybe. Moving on, If you had the chance to be either Aliko Dangote or Wole Soyinka, who would you pick? Yeah, don’t give me that bullshit of “i’ld rather be who i am”. Nobody is asking you to be somebody else. It’s just a random teaser. Two years ago, i had an argument with @oginnidipo , @ayex_minaj and someone else, and that question was the centre of the argument. In the course of that argument he showed me a story similar to the one above.

Two years later, i’m beginning to see things in new light. Ok, back to the question at hand, who would you be??? Someone who is ranked in Top 50 billionaires in the world or someone who is reckoned with in the academic circle? Tough choice, yeah, different strokes for different folks. Would i rather amass wealth and be well reckoned with or should i be known as a geek. Someone out there is thinking that Wole Soyinka is not a pauper, yeah, i’m not saying otherwise but can he afford a private jet, can he afford the luxury Dangote can afford? He is well known, but can he move in the circle of the elite?

In the same vein, you can’t call Dangote an illiterate, i don’t know if he went to any tertiary institution, but, he is well versed in Financial proprietary. Can he move in league of the scholars? He is fucking rich, yeah, fucking rich. But, is he contented with wat he’s got. Can he sleep well @ night without the thought of one investment on his mind or is he past that stage???

At the end of this post, you’ll notice that i didn’t answer the question. But, reflect deep within you and ask yourself who you would rather be Aliko Dangote or Wole Soyinka??? Well, greed is the bane of this generation, so i really wouldn’t be disappointed if 99.9999% chooses Dangote. Afterall, when money talks, everyone listen!!!

11th April 2012

My guilty pleasure

Day 5 of 30. This post is coming kinda late, yeah, i had lectures and other things… All the same it’s still day 5 and as they say, better late than never.

Guilty Pleasure. I can imagine what someone out there is thinking. Guilty Pleasure, hmmm, wanking… Lol… We are all bound to think sexual. Ya so off point anyway.
Am i trying to say that i’v never wanked before? Well, lets leave that for another day. Yeah, back to what i was saying. MY GUILTY PLEASURE… We all have it, something we do almost everytime even though it sometimes affect us negatively. Ask yourself what’s that one/two thing/s you can’t do without? Still thinking?

Well, mine’s obviously novel reading and surfing the internet. Hmmm, the novel ish was a random thing. Started when i was trying to chyke a new babe in Jss 3. Just to start a convo with her, i lent a novel from her, over 300 pages novel. Turned out to be the most boring novel i ever read in my life. Well, the P-Setting was later successful.

My mind runs wild alot, some say maybe it’s cos i read novels. Dunno why sha, but, in those days when i do read romance, my mind often runs a fragmentation of it’s own. Picturing scenes that are pretty much ridiculous, just like watching high school movies and trying to put what you saw into practice. Hell of a world cos we obviously are in different sphere.

Name any popular author, i’ll tell you i’v read his/ her books.
Most people think it’s just an empty boast, others know otherwise. Well, doesn’t hurt to rub it in some people’s face. Little pride is allowed, afterall, we are all human. Wait a min, when i said popular authors, i failed to specify that i read only intrigue and sci-fi. Reading romance is absolute bullshit, most ladies will disagree after all most are into it and it fuels their illusion of having a guy with well chiseled body and 6-pecs – as if that ‘ll pay the bill… But seriously, why read a book when you already know the end? It’ll obviously end in either kiss/sex/marriage, so WTF? I once rad them tho. My fav is “Fire Island” . I read it in SS1. A book with over 500 page and the had detailed sex after every 3 pages!!! Damn, twas hot!

To date, can say i’v read over 5000 novels.
Yeah, 5000! I was already at 1800 when i was still keeping track, and that was 6yrs back. Hard to believe? Well situ came up when i read 5novels per day, skipping food cos i just could not stop reading. Moreover, can’t remember when last i started reading a novel and i dropped it before reaching the final page. Needless to say, i’m a very fast reader, averaging over 500pages in little over 1hr 45mins, yeah i’m as fast as that.

My favourite authors
include John Grisham, Dale Brown, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Enid Blyton of Famous Five, J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter, Dean Koontz even though his books are kinda scary, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, Nora Robert, Micheal Crichton, Clive Cussler, Robin Cook, Ian Fleming for James Bond series, and finally Mary Higgins Clark. And yeah, i’v read all their novels with exception of Stephen King. Lemme not forget Frederick Forsyth, The Negotitor and Day/s of the Jackal will forever remain my all time fav. Yeah, and Sweet valley high series, can’t remember the author.

Internet and i are another thing, only thing that can keep me from reading a novel, is the internet and only thing that can keep me away from the internet, is a novel. Well, novel reading i almost now a thing of the past. I still read every once in a while but quite not unlike before when i could spend my last dime just to buy a paperback novel.
With time, we all grow up. Maybe i’v done that or maybe i’m just getting my priorities right…

10th- April-2012

When Fantasy Becomes Reality.

Day 4 of 30


Have you ever told a lie. You know it’s a lie but you end up believing it to an extent that you can’t differentiate between truth and lie… I have experienced it not once nor twice. Self delusion? Yeah, that’s what i call it. Well, i sometimes read that for you to tell a lie convincingly, you have to believe the lie as the truth…

Another angle, is that have you ever potrayed yourself as someone else… That you ended up seeing yourself from that angle. There’s a very thin line between fantasy and illusion. What most people dont realize is that there is always a point of no return when you cross into the other end. And frankly, in real life, also many times, we dont dare to show our true selves. We live within masks.

We all are guilty either way or the other. We all have different level of participation in it. Social network is really not helping matters. You or rather we, all live one way, come online and portray another thing. Fear of what? Rejection? Or wanting to belong??
It is rather shocking to realise that whatever you had built up in your mind about someone, whom you had thought of as a pretty good friend, over a long period, is zilch.

Basically, it depends on what the objectives of what we intend to achieve. Was it fun? A genuine delight in making fool of people? Self illusion? A genuine need for privacy? But if so, why the need to come online at all? We have a limited life span and in this short life too, we waste our time copying habits of others. We are so influenced by others that we lose our individuality. What happened to being ourselves?

For those living out the fake life to gather friends/followers/woreva{in jennifa’s voice}, I wonder if their personality in reality, is not enough to pull friends towards them. Do they have real friends in reality? If so, how will they explain the discrepancies between their Online life and reality… Fuck it, you are suffering from semi-Multiple personality Disorder (MPD). Worst is if in reality, you are still seriously living somebody else’s life. I’m not saying you should not have a role model. But there is a limit to what you should ascribe to.Take a mirror, look into it and tell yourself who is being reflected.

Tweeting ‘TGIF-Clubbing things’ when you actually know that you know that by 8pm, u’ll crawl to your bed, tweeting ‘KFC things’ when you are actually at one wack mama put’s shop, or tweeting ‘Andre & Rozay things’ when you are actually getting high on alomo, travelling to america via photoshop and loads of others. Get real and face reality, be yourself… It’s left to others to like you as you are.

I’ll end this with a quote from the late Steve Jobs.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary”.

9th April 2012

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