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Accidental Accident.

This is my first time of writing in a narrative manner. So, there’ll surely be mistake/s. Please, bear with me. Thanks.

He looked round his room, at the bed on which he was sitting. The very same bed that dunni had slept on moaning and writhing as he made passionate love to her… Now he was left with fragnance of her, her soap that he had used countless number of times to rub her smooth silky back, right in the bathtub before embarking on another sensual journey… He wondered why it all had to end.

It all started on a monday morning… He had set his alarm clock for 6:00am and he ended up waking up 7:05am. He was to resume for work by 8am… Hurriedly, he had his bath, got dressed in a non-challant way and started for work…

As he negotiated his way round the early morning traffic,  his mind was already filing away work that had to be done. From nowhere, a car came across and he sharply applied brake. Noises of screeching tires and smell of burning rubber filled the air.
He was shaking and gasping for breath, his life was just saved by the air-bag…
Annoyed at how close he was to death, he stepped out of his car ready to give the other driver a good dressing down. At that very moment, she stepped out of the the car, looking pale and frightened…

His anger died down instantly… Maybe i actually died and went to heaven- that was his thought.
Angelic and innocent looking. That best describe what he was looking at.
“Am really sorry” she said. “i was lost in deep thought”. Her voice was soft and sounded like music to his ears.
He replied “Hope you were not hurt”??? “No am not” She said.
“By the way, i’m Yinka”. He Said.
“I’m Dunni” She replied.

Without looking at his wrist watch, he knew he was already late for work. His car was still all right so no need calling the insurance company… Her car engine was steaming and twas very obvious she could not go on with that car.
He called his mechanic, gave directions to where they were….
He was about telling her that the mechanic is on his way, so he should be going, but he ended up saying “do u mind me giving you a lift”???
oh thanks… He later dropped her, but not before collecting her phone number.

At work, his mind was occupied and images of her kept on flashing through his mind. During lunch break, he remained behind in his office, and after much deliberation on whether to call or not to, he picked up his phone and dialled her number…

To Be Continued

15th September 2011

Copyright© 2011

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