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Letter To Kofo

Day 22

Dear Kofo,
You know i love you,and to emphasize how much i’m taking this letter personal, i’m writing it with a pen rather than straight on my laptop. I should have done this long ago but many things do come in between us and they make me skip the issue at hand. I need to ask you something that has kept me sleepless and I want you to be totally honest with me. It might be awkward between us after this but I have to know how you feel. Read the rest of this entry

Lost Love.

Day 21

On my bed, thinking…..

Where did it all go wrong???

I remember how it was when it was just you and me…

The Smiles and laughter we shared

The tears we shed… Read the rest of this entry


Day 20

Yeah, you wondering whom i’m apologizing to or whom is apologizing to me. Right? Well, none of the two scenarios above is taking place. Just felt like wrting on this topic.
Ok, when last did you apologize to someone? Is there somebody out there who whom you should apologize to but your pride is stopping you? Read the rest of this entry

After BreakUp, Life Goes On.

Day 19

One of the hardest things to do in life is to walk out or let go of a relationship. No matter what the cause of a breakup, learning to let go just often isn’t easy to do. It could be the one that got away, a first love, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or unrequited love. Regardless of the situation, learning to let go of what’s over is often a very difficult thing to do and the hurt can often last for years if a person simply won’t break the hold.
Read the rest of this entry

Relationship BreakUps

Day 15.

The beginning of a relationship is always so fresh and ‘cute’ that we never tend to portray the end.

The end comes sometimes as a shock and other times as something we see from afar. Most times, it’s the women that tends to suffer it. I’m not saying that guys doesn’t suffer from heartbreaks ish, but it’s usually the women folks left to lick wounds.

During relationship durations, most ladies tend to give their all, and some do not even bother about giving anything. At the end, she’s left crying and trying to beg. Begging, is sometimes good, it shows character, but what happened to being independent?

If a guy should walk out of a relationship, i believe the gal should be bold enough to close the door and move on with life. Afterall, wasn’t she feeling alright before she met him?

Yeah, that’s the truth, most girls are always at the forefront to claim independency, but little act it. You guys broke up, and you are crying, does that signal end of life or what? Most definitely, you wouldn’t see a guy crying after breakingUp, unless something has gone wrong upstairs so what’s with the women-folks? Afterall, what a guy can do, a woman can do better. Or isn’t it?

Ps:- i dunno what ps means, i think it’s postscript. All the same, i posted this via my phone. Was in a hurry to beat my expiration of my subscription. And my supporting the women folks is because they are the weaker vessels. Any guy that has a problem with this, should drink hypo!!!

22nd April 2012

Trust Issues

Day 7 0f 30…

Hmmm, did i say i don’t believe in coincidence??? Yesternight, around 2am, was about sleeping and i was wondering what topic i would use for today’s post. I powered on my laptop, opened Windows Media Player, and i clicked on drake’s Farewell album. That album just have a way of soothing my nerves. I decided to check other people’s blog thinking that i should get inspired from someone’s writeup. First blog i went to was @Kemmiiii‘s. And the 1st post i saw there was a poem on ‘Trust Issues’ by @farideey. Click here to read it. Dunno what pulled my attention to it but the song that was drifting from the speakers at that very moment was drake’s “Trust Issues”. At that moment i knew the theme of my next post. Is that Coincidence?

Have you experienced violations of trust
as a child or violations of trust as an adult. It’s normal to experience difficulties trusting others. It’s normal to experience difficulties trusting one’s self. It’s normal to assume that if you go through bad things, you must somehow have deserved them and it’s normal to think you’re stupid if you don’t see what you did to deserve what you got. Yeah, we we are all victims of that.

It is pretty much essential to start off dealing with trust issues by acknowledging that they come from hurts and traumas, and that its normal to have them under those circumstances. Under other circumstances, it comes from not wanting to get hurt, this happens in most relationship. Atfer getting hurt in other relationship, you enter a new one with doubt in your mind. Not wanting to experience the same thing, u love reservedly, yeah, reservedly. You leave allowance for excuses and fuck-ups.

It is very important to talk to someone about what goes on in one’s head. We are a species that needs the clarification that talking about things brings. It is one of the dumbest things in the world to assume that childhood neglect or abuse was deserved (yes, its normal, but its still dumb). Yeah very dumb, it’s a big psychological thing to surmount, be it sexual abuse or domestic violence, with time some things fail to heal, but having someone to talk to can help resolve things.

People do complain of trust issues
, saying they are so anxious tin relationships that they got overly controlling, paranoid over nothing and always o an accusatory tone and general emotional abuse. They say they find themselves watching themselves do this, unable to exert any control over their own behavior. They ultimately cause the demise of valued relationships while panicking about the loss while they do it. This is a trust issue. However, it’s usually more an issue of not trusting one’s self. For the individual who does this to him- or herself without good cause, there’s usually an underlying assumption of unworthiness of a good relationship. There’s a belief that the relationship is an accident. There’s a pervasive sense of being extremely let-go-able that seems to increase over time. (“S/He can’t possibly really be in love with me,” …. “S/He will be cheating on me, if it’s not already happening — I just know it.” …. “It’s only a matter of time until I’m abandoned again.” …. “I can’t stand not knowing!” …. “I’m going to confront her/him as soon as I get home!” …. “I’m NOT going to stand for this!”)

Looking for a reason where none is needed is crap. Relationship wise, you guys should have reached a stage before you agreed to start dating even if you just met yesterday and you started dating today. No excuse to start feeling insecure and start acting up over nothing. Like they say, “A relationship is meant for two”. And like i do add, “some girls stopped counting and some guys lost count”.

Of recent, i tweeted “i barely trust myself, so why should i trust you?”. Reflect on that. How well do you trust yourself? I trust myself to a certain limit, beyond that limit, i can’t say what i would do in any situ.

Lemme end this with a quote from drake’s trust issues
“You actin’ like it’s somebody you don’t know
Tell me how the f-ck we supposed to stay friends
When you got a bunch of feelings that you don’t show
I can tell, I can tell, I can tell certain people don’t like me no more.”

Btw, i had to reference some psychological site to write this. Thanks…

12th April 2012

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