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The Clarion Call…

Day 23

Living out the dream that the boy i was once had. The above, reads the bio of one of my followers on twitter. Can’t remember his handle tho.

For those who can reflect, how deep are those words? Or rather, how shallow are those words?
As a child, we all had a perfect picture of our future. Ask any 5yrs old that what would you become in future, the automatic answer, is i want to be a doctor/engineer/pilot/accountant and the likes. Read the rest of this entry

Letter To Kofo

Day 22

Dear Kofo,
You know i love you,and to emphasize how much i’m taking this letter personal, i’m writing it with a pen rather than straight on my laptop. I should have done this long ago but many things do come in between us and they make me skip the issue at hand. I need to ask you something that has kept me sleepless and I want you to be totally honest with me. It might be awkward between us after this but I have to know how you feel. Read the rest of this entry

Lost Love.

Day 21

On my bed, thinking…..

Where did it all go wrong???

I remember how it was when it was just you and me…

The Smiles and laughter we shared

The tears we shed… Read the rest of this entry


Day 20

Yeah, you wondering whom i’m apologizing to or whom is apologizing to me. Right? Well, none of the two scenarios above is taking place. Just felt like wrting on this topic.
Ok, when last did you apologize to someone? Is there somebody out there who whom you should apologize to but your pride is stopping you? Read the rest of this entry

After BreakUp, Life Goes On.

Day 19

One of the hardest things to do in life is to walk out or let go of a relationship. No matter what the cause of a breakup, learning to let go just often isn’t easy to do. It could be the one that got away, a first love, a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, or unrequited love. Regardless of the situation, learning to let go of what’s over is often a very difficult thing to do and the hurt can often last for years if a person simply won’t break the hold.
Read the rest of this entry

True Friendship…

Day 18

As long as the heavens and earth remain, there will be cold and heat, seed-time and harvest time, ‘friends’ coming and ‘friends’ going. Ahhh… Friendship!!! That highly underrated Institution which has the power to make or break the most powerful of Kings and the most miserable of Paupers.From Pre-historic civilizations to this Microwave generation of Instant messaging, world-at-your-fingertips existence, True Friendship has remained the utopia that only a handful have ever truly experienced.

Ask yourself, are u a good friend? Or do you have someone you can truly call a friend? Pondering on it? Hmmm, maybe i should re-phrase it and ask if you have a true friend. What defines True Friendship you might wonder? In the answer to that question lies the key to a lifetime of peace, laughter and true meaning. Many have sought this key; an abstract treasure of more value than even the riches of the lost Atlantis. Few have found it; and with the knowledge of what they hold in their possession, they guard it. As diligently as a drunk Mad-man holds onto his bottle, which he believes contains the wisdom of the gods, so the few who find the key to True friendship guard their discovery.

Why do they hold on so preciously to this knowledge you may ask?

Hmmmnnn… can it be because they are aware that even if they handed it over to you on a platter of indulgence, you wouldn’t accept it? But might instead, cast it away as something of no value?

Many others do not know the value of this friendship thing. You extend your arm repeatedly to them in an invitation to join you in the reality of your heaven; your heart goes out to them as you see them suffer without purpose, but they scorn you and your gesture of kindness and adopt a deeper level of complacency in their sorrows.

That is the reason why many seek but don’t find the key to True Friendship.But how can you blame them, when the unlocking of that door is at the very expense of their own lives. True Friendship comes with a very costly price tag. The currencies of this world are not accepted in the exclusive store where it is given.

It demands of you the very thing you have been taught to guard in all your life’s education and experience. Your natural instinct is to preserve your life and do everything within and outside your capacity to sustain yourself. True Friendship calls on you to present yourself on an altar of continuous sacrifice. You have been trained by life in the art of representing self-interest above and beyond any other. True Friendship calls on you to esteem the interests of a Friend above and beyond your own. True Friendship demands your very life of you; the very best of you to be given to another, at the expense of yourself.

It is in our negative experience of the concept, that we have collectively coined the term ‘True Friendship’. That in itself is a form of tautology, because Truth is the definition of what Friendship is.
So what sense does it make to emphasize ‘True’ Truth?

Friendship allows you the freedom to bare the truth of who you are in the presence of another, and not be ashamed. It gives you the platform to express the depths of your desires and not be disdained.

Friendship provides a mirror in which you see the frailness of your humanity; the inconvenience of your weaknesses, the ugliness of your flaws and the deceptiveness of your experience. And yet it is in Friendship that you find the courage to address all that the mirror has revealed to you. Friendship allows you to be weak when the world demands that you be strong.

Friendship gives you strength when the world weakens you with its permissiveness. It awakens the person your experience has brutalized into unconsciousness; and nurses the deep wounds your suffering has inflicted upon your consciousness. All human relationships bow before the sacred throne of Friendship; for the purpose of ALL human relationships, is to discover a Friend.

Be a friend today, it’s never too late.


4th April 2012

Little Joy.

Day 17

Hmmm… time is 4:19pm, even if you have being hibernating all day, i’m sure you have done something to help yourself. It might be eating, sleeping or playing, or resting. Eating, ‘ll nourish your body, sleeping, playing and resting, ‘ll ease stress on your brain. Sitting down to watch football, is also a joy to oneself {unless if you are an arsenal fan, cos in this case, the BP would be rising}. Now you are nodding your head and getting the drift of this post.

Now, reflect backward… What have you done to help others today? It must not necessary be monetary assistance, because money is not everything {have plenty of it before you go about preaching that weird principle}. It could be something trivial that will bring a smile to somebody else’s face.

I read a tweet of recent, it read “Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find it out“. How many of us can relate with that? Doing something good for someone who will never find out? And now curbing ourselves from boasting about it? Huh? Shaking your head?

But seriously, do you do every single act towards others with the aim of getting praise for it? Or is it just for sake of doing it or because you want to do the right thing? Huh? Helping out someone cos of the presence of another person. Real bad and we all are guilty one way or the other. I’m not a good guy nor i’m i claiming to be any thing, we all are trapped in it. afterall, i’m human just like everyone out there.

Little things that we count, often go a long way in helping others and, making us a better person. Picture this, you are walking on a path, and you saw pieces of glass shards along the path, would you move to the other side of the road and move on or will you find a way to clear it cos of another un-suspecting person. Search your mind and answer yourself.
Correcting someone, is also a part of it, but not correcting someone because you want to show superiority of knowledge or whatever. That’s plain bragging and the end result that the point of correction, is lost on the person being corrected. Rather, the slight is what the person will remember.

Nobody is an island, we all, are meant to compliment each other. That’s the way it’s meant to be to establish balance.

I’m just another writer, and i shall one day fade away like others before me.

At this point, i’m yet to suggest a tittle for this blogpost, and, i’m using this medium to wish chelsea good luck in their tonight’s match. Afterall, barca is not the only team in the world.

24th April 2012

Midnight Boredom

This post wouldn’t count in my 30days blogging ish. Time is 00:39am right now and sleep is not coming. ‘m not in the mood to tweet, so here i am, freestyling.

This is the fastest growing ‘viral’ disease. Found in most youth and absent in virtually every adult unless he or she is jobless. No thanks to social network, this disease, is on the increase. And little thanks to virtually very good GPRS network at night(MTN users can testify), most people are awake all night long to catch up on what they missed all day(i was once guilty of this) and some are just having the insomnia disease cos their body is already conditioned to it.

Plenty sex starved niggas and bitches out there going in on that ever continuous TT. Good thing is that you’ll just catch minute fun on it and bad thing is that you might be left with a hard-on for a very long time. Btw, only time i ever had a threesome was during #TwitterAfterDark. Twas a nice online fantasy. Well some might call it real.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise.
Guess this saying is now quite obsolete, cos the people you see online by 4:49am are the same people you will see by 6:30am, tweeting ‘ a new day has come’. Weird? Hmmm. Call it evolution. Well the newly coined saying is that ‘Early to bed, makes a man wealthy and healthy.

Nothing else for me to say, Other than fact that this my 30day blogging ish is really wearing me down, both mentally, physically and meta-physically(whatever it means). ‘m relishing the challenge tho. And this new experience of posting via mobile is pretty cool cos right now, my laptop is dead and ‘m hoping NEPA rather, PHCN can just bring the fucking light! Enough of rambling. I’m off to bed. ‘v started yawning. 😡 😡 😡

PS:- Maybe i should just make this post no 17. Depends on if i get inspired later in the day sha.

24th April 2012.

Trust & Betrayal

Day 16.

Dictionary meaning of some words do not really appeal to me. But, right now, i’m at a loss on how to define trust. Most definitely, it’s a sub-conscious turned conscious emotion, and i would also call it a feeling of faith in someone.
Betrayal on the other hand, can be defined as breach of agreement.

What brings about trust? Does it just come on you like that and next thing you know is ‘i trust that person’ or what? Brings me to point of this, why do we all tend to betray ourselves. In line with the definition above, betrayal is simple breaking trust. No other simple or simpler way to put it.

There are different types of betrayal:- self betrayal, community betrayal and loads of others. Not excluding relationship betrayal. What induces it? Unconscious act or what? Self betrayal, is breaking the promise you made to yourself, and community’s is breaking that to others.

Relationship wise, breakups occur when the trust in it has eroded. Well, nowadays, how many relationship do have trust in it? Let me not delve away from issue/s at hand. What brings about the breach? Time? Cos, like they say, time will tell. I trust you today or that i’m your friend today, doesn’t mean we can’t be best enemies tomorrow. Yeah, we are human. And that’s just the way it’s all meant to be. Nothing good lasts forever, but, why are we so determined(not everyone tho), to breach trust?

Human being varies. What we expect from Person A shouldn’t be expected from Person B. That someone else betrayed you, doesn’t indicate that someone else will. Therefore acting on basis that he or she would disappoint you later is quite irritating and outright stupid.

Most relationships, end on the basis of being suspicious. Yeah, many out there can testify. You wondering how i know? Well, let’s just say i’v seen and i’v heard things. Minor issues that shouldn’t even result in arguments tends to be enlarged into something else. Talk of making a mountain out of a molehill. Well, it all dies down to human behaviour. And, as we know, nobody is perfect. We can only strive towards perfection…

Relationship BreakUps

Day 15.

The beginning of a relationship is always so fresh and ‘cute’ that we never tend to portray the end.

The end comes sometimes as a shock and other times as something we see from afar. Most times, it’s the women that tends to suffer it. I’m not saying that guys doesn’t suffer from heartbreaks ish, but it’s usually the women folks left to lick wounds.

During relationship durations, most ladies tend to give their all, and some do not even bother about giving anything. At the end, she’s left crying and trying to beg. Begging, is sometimes good, it shows character, but what happened to being independent?

If a guy should walk out of a relationship, i believe the gal should be bold enough to close the door and move on with life. Afterall, wasn’t she feeling alright before she met him?

Yeah, that’s the truth, most girls are always at the forefront to claim independency, but little act it. You guys broke up, and you are crying, does that signal end of life or what? Most definitely, you wouldn’t see a guy crying after breakingUp, unless something has gone wrong upstairs so what’s with the women-folks? Afterall, what a guy can do, a woman can do better. Or isn’t it?

Ps:- i dunno what ps means, i think it’s postscript. All the same, i posted this via my phone. Was in a hurry to beat my expiration of my subscription. And my supporting the women folks is because they are the weaker vessels. Any guy that has a problem with this, should drink hypo!!!

22nd April 2012

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