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Letter From A Brother To His Brothers……

…She calls his phone number telling him am so lonely, am the only one at my house, will you come to keep me company? he tells her i ve just meet you yesterday at the store, i don’t even know your house she replies my house is unmistakable, it is straight forward or better still i’ll come and pick you at the junction. He agrees.

She stands at d busy roads and junction waiting for her next victim. She sees him, she goes after him giving him a hug and a kiss, she tells him if only u know for how long have been waiting to see your handsome face. Today my dream has come true. Lets go to my house? Just so that we can have a nice time. I have prepared the best soup you ve ever tasted in your whole life. Come with me and you will be glad you did.

Like a bull to the house of slaughter she leads him on to her house. Not knowing his heart is been pierced by a poisonous dart he follows like a sheep to the place of shear.
Little does he know that he is been stripped of all his glory, he is ignorant of how many brave strong men had tread that same, narrow, path that s quick to death. Between her thigh is a shortcut to hell, a place of no return. Little does he know all this and like a rat to a trap of sweet smelling roasted fish full of poison…

He enters into her room. She kisses him on the lips, hugs him, gently she ease him onto her freshly laid bed with her newly purchased bedsheet. Still holding tightly unto him, faster than the speed of light she removes her top, exposing her firm succulent breast that several had sucked and they are no more. He puts his tongue to her nipples, sucking his own life away, putting his own soul in a cage of no escape. She moans, she calls his name, she tells him of how much she loves him. With those expert fingers, she undo his buttons until the very last one all, she caress his chest. He feels nobody can ever love him more, not knowing he is been reduced to a little worth more than a rag.

He thinks this girl is better than all other girls i ve ever met, she is the prettiest and most cooperative. Even without my suggesting it, she gives me such a wonderful treatment as this Not knowing he is the one cooperating to be hanged on the gallow, while yet his heart is been split into two he enters into her, into the valley of shadow of death. With death closing in on him he closes his eyes, gives a loud, shuddering cry.

He puts on his cloth, she didnt even bother to invite him to the soup again, the deed has been done, the die has been cast, he has been stripped of all his goodies, of all his glory, his destiny has been taken from him. He takes his leave, those who met him on the way know not that he is a walking corpse, he goes on, smiling, whistling, saying to himself i feel more alive than ever before, there shall be another time as today. No! There shall be no other time, cos that will be the very last time he will set his eyes on her or any other for that matter.

3 MONTHS LATER, he goes 4 his medical check up, and the doctor calls him into his office and tells him “MY DEAR BROTHER, THIS IS NOT D END OF LIFE, BUT U ARE HIV +VE”!

He says ” doc, u must be joking!!! He goes back to the girls house, but he is told she has moved on- looking 4 her next catch!!!!!!!!!!


29th September 2011.

My Lil-Tots

Sometimes wishes are made for some desires to be answered.
Sometimes there is no room for a wish.
i wish this, i wish that,
i wish i could change some things in my life,
i wish some mistakes that are to come will never be made,
but i realized wishes are not true, they are not real. They are just like fairies.

My life is pretty simple, eat, sleep, read, laugh, play and tweet. Daily routine in no order at all.
But i have opened one chapter in my life that has made me see life in a whole new perspective.

I do not wake up and sleep for the same reason. (This has a hidden meaning).
I definitely do not take life seriously, we all die someday, no matter the exercise!
I always think, if i die today, and there were steps going to hell and heaven.. i’d slide all the way down to hell .. but i pray not.

I wish the ground would swallow me up.
I contradict myself too much. Maybe life wasn’t meant for me.
I walk into the kitchen staring at the knives, i hear a thousand voices calling my name.
A thousand eyes looking back at me, saying i have done wrong and must be punished.
I shut my eyelids, press hard against myself and sigh “it is all a dream, it is not happening”

I heard it all before.
Now i want a wish! just ONE wish, to change some situations in my life.
Some things i wish i didn’t do, some i wish i did.

BUT you all will get to see for yourselves that I did what i did in my life because i felt it was right. Maybe i felt a little greedy. Everybody makes mistakes, if you don’t live with it, eat something rotten, curl up and die. I don’t really give a shit these days…

But some of your questions cannot and will never be answered by me,

No matter how much you ask.

I am no writer. I shall fade away just like the people before me.

17th September 2011

Copyright© 2011

Accidental Accident.

This is my first time of writing in a narrative manner. So, there’ll surely be mistake/s. Please, bear with me. Thanks.

He looked round his room, at the bed on which he was sitting. The very same bed that dunni had slept on moaning and writhing as he made passionate love to her… Now he was left with fragnance of her, her soap that he had used countless number of times to rub her smooth silky back, right in the bathtub before embarking on another sensual journey… He wondered why it all had to end.

It all started on a monday morning… He had set his alarm clock for 6:00am and he ended up waking up 7:05am. He was to resume for work by 8am… Hurriedly, he had his bath, got dressed in a non-challant way and started for work…

As he negotiated his way round the early morning traffic,  his mind was already filing away work that had to be done. From nowhere, a car came across and he sharply applied brake. Noises of screeching tires and smell of burning rubber filled the air.
He was shaking and gasping for breath, his life was just saved by the air-bag…
Annoyed at how close he was to death, he stepped out of his car ready to give the other driver a good dressing down. At that very moment, she stepped out of the the car, looking pale and frightened…

His anger died down instantly… Maybe i actually died and went to heaven- that was his thought.
Angelic and innocent looking. That best describe what he was looking at.
“Am really sorry” she said. “i was lost in deep thought”. Her voice was soft and sounded like music to his ears.
He replied “Hope you were not hurt”??? “No am not” She said.
“By the way, i’m Yinka”. He Said.
“I’m Dunni” She replied.

Without looking at his wrist watch, he knew he was already late for work. His car was still all right so no need calling the insurance company… Her car engine was steaming and twas very obvious she could not go on with that car.
He called his mechanic, gave directions to where they were….
He was about telling her that the mechanic is on his way, so he should be going, but he ended up saying “do u mind me giving you a lift”???
oh thanks… He later dropped her, but not before collecting her phone number.

At work, his mind was occupied and images of her kept on flashing through his mind. During lunch break, he remained behind in his office, and after much deliberation on whether to call or not to, he picked up his phone and dialled her number…

To Be Continued

15th September 2011

Copyright© 2011



The following content is for matured reading (whatever you term that to be), and is rated 18 (VNSL, google that If you don’t know it). Do not try to picture the words and don’t even attempt visualising the scenario. Viewer discretion is advised. It’s very explicit.



I opened the door for Carroll, as she came back from the office tensed. I could see that working 8am to 5pm and driving through that crazy traffic is breaking her, and we’ve not really had time to ourselves in a long while. Carroll gave me a cold peck on the cheeks and said “hi dear”. Her eyes were red like grape wine; she looked like she has been driving a petrol tanker all day. I could hardly stay in my skin and my heart sank like a stone on the sea, because she’s so precious to me, that I can comfortably take a bullet for her. She’s my woman.


As she slams her delicate body on the bed, I turned on the tap for hot water into the tub. I decided to run her a hot bath, taking off her apparels by myself. It’s not something I do everyday, but I just wanna take away the look of anxiety on her face. Just wanted to relegate the tiredness and substitute it with ecstasy, fire and desire. I wanted to make her relax. After the bath, I carefully told her to lie on the bed, face down, to give her a full body massage. Massaging is a skill I picked up on my last trip to China. As she lay naked on the bed, she has put all her trust in me, a kinda intense burning heat started to develop inside of me. She felt safe and secure with me and I knew what I had to do, it wasn’t premeditated, just came with the moment.


I starred at her spotless smooth hairless back, her tiny fragile waist, down to the elegantly engineered behind in the curved hips. Her nice thick thigh on a slightly bow leg ran a length that seem like a hundred yard with no blemish, all fair complexioned all the way. Her hair rested on her like wool, they look edible, thick and dark like a Thursday night. I ran the tip of my fingers from the back of her heels all through the inside of her thigh and her rear in repeated circular motion, my thumb then pushing inwards towards the spine up to the base of her neck in slow, simulated fingertip motion that tickled every nerve ending in her saturated body. I was feeding her body with signs of things to come. Then I traced out a map around the region between her neck and her shoulder. Then I put my lips to work as she groans quietly, like she is reading it from a script, hot air from my nostrils breezing over her back. I really wanted to take it slow, she works the whole day and really needs to relax.


She turned as my lips affectionately met hers in an enchanting and enthralling moment like an elixir, like a moment of Christmas coming on June 13. A moment that can be described as when open petrol meets naked fire, to give up an uncontrollable flame that burns with intent, menace and an unquenchable tenacity. It felt like hot knife through cheese, like passion and desire coming together at one point; and at this apex is where Carroll and I happened to be at that moment. I wanted to take her into my senses, absorb everything she has to give into my being. I want to be overwhelmed by the moment of irresistible passion.


I ran my mouth all over her body passionately for what seemed like the span of time before eternity. All the while staring making eye contacts with her. I carefully tickled her nipples with the tip of my tongue and as her groans gets more audible; I felt a rush of adrenaline straight into my system, like coal was being turned in my furnace. I could have opted to thrust into her at the instance, but no, it wasn’t about me, it was about her getting the appreciation she needed. That she deserved. I didn’t even want her to do anything for me right now, not even a head; I just wanted to be her soldier at the moment. Carroll is what I can describe as textbook fine, and as my lips were strolling the streets of her body, her body glittered like a 100 carat diamond under the dim light of the room.


The scented candles placed around the room kept the atmosphere while the song “Bed” from J-Holiday provided the groove. We continued kissing, cuddling and tickling until she told me in a whisper that she wanted me plunged deep inside of her, to fill in the void and melt like smoulder inside her temple. She wanted more. She has been seeing stars already, but now she wants to touch them. She said she wanted me to travel to her depths and bring out all the treasured there, while propelling her to the celestial realm, to drift back into heaven. To take her to a place where it is white, blue and serene; a place that she has never allowed anyone into, a secret place that she has kept to herself since she was a little girl.


I took my time to go into her slowly, gently, rubbing on her ‘Gerard-spot’ in even controlled short movement until she longed for me to go into her galaxy completely. “I want all of you inside of me now” she moaned, almost inaudibly. Then I obliged and I wanted to have a safe trip while placing my hand on her ‘paradise’ to press it down gently and heighten the sensation. I rocked her body her gently, like a little kid rides his first pony, like the pendulum in my grandpa’s living room. Making every stroke and every jolt a promise kept. I loved her even more, because she has a drive that matches my drive. She met every stroke with desire and complimented it with a push of her waist as she opened up wider. Then I started going slow again, and again, and again, as powerful and rhythmic, as sure and relentless, as the ocean’s salty tide, in order for us to reach the peak at the same time. I’m not selfish, she deserves more. It’s as if everything that’s been numb or bored or disconnected inside her suddenly began to melt like the wax of a candle, and the more she felt this warmth and this liquid melting feeling inside her, the more deeply she knew the experience was going to enter her and give her a true feeling of being totally filled.


My fingers went through her hair like scissors and my waist was tightly wrapped up in her legs. Then I delayed my gratification to make sure her body was tense-full and then I frequently reach to kiss her neck lightly to spread the electric shock all over and prevent a local overload of sensation. We continued for what seemed like the rest of eternity until we finally got there together and pure excitement began to flood through her. Her eyes, that were initially blood shot, was clear, and she was glowing like sunshine in the spring. Finally, a smile that could power a solar panel, dropped from her mouth like honey drops from a honeycomb. She then wrapped herself in my arms feeling totally connected. Then she reminded me “you know I like to snuggle”.


We lay for moments unending, quiet and I kept nibbling her earlobes and kissing her neck lightly, with her behind firmly placed between my bare thighs and torso. I snuggled her until she slept. She slept so soundly and I kissed her forehead like it could break. I was happy I could help her shed the workday’s stress. And making love at that time was just perfect. Well, it was worth it, because she slept deep that Friday night and still had the whole of Saturday to sleep through. Guess I provided her with the ultimate sedative.


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Welcoming Myself

Ok…. Just had 2 open a wordpress blog account cos it’s kinda Cool and user friendly….
This not an opening post, just a kinda intro… ‘ll get it started on my next post….

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