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Twitter Ranting!!!

An argument with a friend, brought about this piece…

Hmmmm… If you are reading this, then no doubt, you have either one or two accounts on various social websites… And, most definitely, you would be able to relate with this.

Facebook, has gone haywire, but we all agree to that. But, most facebookers are real. Not as if they have a choice, but facebook’s profile info is quite detailed for you to spot the real and fake ones… Unlike twitter, a bio, a link, and location is all you have to sift the wheat from the chaff.

For those living out the fake life, I wonder if their personality in reality, is not enough to pull friends towards them. Do they have real friends on twitter? If so, how will they explain the discrepancies between their twit life and reality… In the end, they are the ones who go about tweeting “don’t judge me by my tweet or I’m not my tweet”. Fuck it! You could rather say you are suffering from Multiple personality Disorder (MPD) and we move on with life.

The other day a fool tweeted ‘All my unfollowers will die like dagrin’ I checked his TL, unsurprisingly 100% of his tweets were stolen. Do I blame the unfollowers? Who wants to be associated with a loser??? Like jeez, who does that, if not someone who has underestimated himself in life and has tagged himself as an underachiever. He’s not alone in it, lotta them doing the same stealing things and are actually feeling fly on it (I can CC one self acclaimed twitter celeb on this)… And I’m like, what happened to creativity???

Tweeting ‘TGIF-Clubbing things’ when you actually know that you know that by 8pm, u’ll crawl to your bed, twitpic-ing ur valentine gift and it has ‘getty image’ across it, tweeting ‘KFC things’ when you are actually at one wack mama put’s shop, or tweeting ‘Andre & Rozay things’ when you are actually getting high on alomo. Get real and face reality, be yourself… It’s left to others to like you as you are.

The nude avi era is always coming on and off, the era of claiming I’ll twitpic my boobs if I get to 1200 followers, the subsequent re-opening of a suspended account and the nude avi babe with just 12 followers (by the way, she should go kill herself).Well, I don’t blame them because if one idiot of a girl is using a nude avi and some crazy sex starved hungry bastards do not follow her, I’m pretty sure other hoes ‘ll not follow suit in doing that. Various nude avi/sexually related accounts on twitter, some have been suspended and some are still peddling the bullshit. @Ordinabarbie was a legend(I stand to be corrected), not because she was fake but cos she embraced reality. All those fucking wannabees can only try hard and harder but she’s still a long way ahead despite her twitter demise.

In the same vein, the idiot of a guy, using the @sm1sexy account. I dunno what the fool stands to gain. Well what will most people not do to crave that much needed attention??? Same goes for that old foolish oil company worker. Even the security guard of an oil firm, will not have up to 5hrs to spend on trivial things not to talk of spending 24hrs on random bullshit especially, twitfighting with those whom he’s old enough to give birth to!!!

Well all I have just done, is rant. Those who will listen will and likewise, otherwise…. Like they say, THE WISE ONE DOES NOT NEED ADVICE AND THE STUPID ONES WILL NOT HEED ADVICE!!!


Nigeria In Focus!!!

Yeah, i don’t need to be told… There’s already cobwebs on this blog… Blame it on me losing my writing mojo and thanks to @Kemmiiii for unconsciously helping me rediscover it… Well, let me go straight to matters at hand cos there is no time to waste fuel (typing this on a laptop and charging it with generator). And, i hope @The-Nerdy_Chick does not see this as a Pessimistic write up.

1. Happy New Year to all of us… i hope it brings smile to our faces… And, if the world ‘ll come to an end like everyone’s saying, let us be more religious and drop all those sinful acts especially the sexual ones.

2. Fuel Subsidy:- Little did i know that the fuel i bought at N65 per litre on Jan 1st would be the last at that price. In contrast to ‘Happy New Year’ greeting across the globe, it seems GEJ is hell bent on making it a sad new year. Or what else will you call removal of fuel subsidy on Jan 1st. A period when most have travelled cross-country. Cases of most people selling their properties to get back to their various destinations have been reported. What happened to his promise of Due Consultation and implementation by April 1st 2013? Why hasten it??? Was he in a hurry to end the yelutide season joy or what???

3. Boko-Haram inhumane Acts:- This is no longer news to us, also, GEJ’s reluctance to wield the big stick on them. Who’s he protecting? The God-Fathers behind them or the populace being bombed??? Do WHATEVER it takes and stop this senseless killings and save this country from unnecesary loss of lives.

4. GEJ:- Thank you for telling Nigerians to vote wisely next-time rather than voting for the man without shoes. Your selflessness in your contribution to the growth of unemployment rate is highly appreciated. Thanks for proving Rita (Koko Mansion) right that truly, “Nigeria is not safety enough”. And, we hope you win your Second term bid and if possible third and fourth term bid. Help us tell your wife, that she should continue what she does best which is a comic relief to our constant gnashing of teeth. By the way, i suggest you go to google, and type in “Most Cursed President”… Hehehe….

5. Dr Ngozi Okonjo Iweala:- Someone should tell her that she can’t serve two masters, because she will end up lying to one. And Nigeria is the one being lied to. Her annoying claim of cutting recurrent spending rather than tackling the main issue, is now very grating to the ears. I recall an article i read in The Nation’s ‘People and Politics’ column written by Mohamed Haruna, he asked that is NOI using Nigeria to further her bid to be President Of Africa Development Bank??? Recent developments are indeed pointing in that direction.
And, i commend IMF for installing a puppet in person of NOI so that they can help reform our financial fiscal policies in line with what is beneficial to the WEST.

6. #OccupyNigeria:- Twitter went agog with this TT (TrendingTopic) and it took me a while to agree that it could work cos i was of the believe that the GEJ adminstration was beyond salvaging. Thanks to that compulsive or rather, threatening DM from @omojuwa and logical reasoning from @DipoOginni to make me see the light in it.
For those who took part in the NationWide Protest, i envy you because you guys can at least tell your children that you played a part in struggle to #OccupyNigeria and for those of us that took to twitter to register our displeasure, more grease to our elbow. To those who sat on the fence, may God Be With You.
And to those who lost their lives in the struggle to #OccupyNigeria, Rest In Peace (RIP)!!!
By the way, someone should ask TWITTER why #OccupyNigeria has not trended worldwide…

8th January-2011