#Apology. PHCN interrupted power supply since, hence, lack of previous post.

Day 14.

This is my first attempt ever at writing a poem. Pls bear with me for every error you might spot in it. All the same, criticisms would be highly welcome.


Closing Darkness in a whirlwind.
Empty feeling in a/n hollow mind.
Beginning of the end grind.

A jump into space rockets.
Empty stares from blank eye sockets.
Now just a number in awaiting dockets.

Just another name in sands of time
To the name, some can still hold a dime
Life, lived without rythm nor rhyme

Knowing by intuition
You can’t set the conditions
It’s not all about superstition.

Our lives lace
What’s left is just our minute trace
Continuous circle of life phase.

Lots of words left unspoken
Hearts remain broken.

Gone from the earth
Memories fade with our death
Whispers of our name by fire hearth.

Tomorrow is another day
Awakening of beings made from clay
Faces held up to the sun rays.


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  1. Cool,nice mix of words

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