Day 12

Today’s post is really coming very late. Blame it on poor network connection and fact that i was too busy. All the same, bear with me…

We all seek the good things in life. We all want courtesy to be accorded to us. We all want to be respected. We derive pleasure in being respected by our younger ones and our age group. Yeah, in African context, respect is a very big issue.

The thing is how many of us respect ourselves? Yeah, how many of us. We want something that we are not ready to work towards. Respect breeds respect, we all know that, and if you are yet to know that, then something is obviously very wrong.

Whenever i am walking or whenever I am anywhere, and I see people, some thoughts auto-generates in my mind, girl, boy. Irrespective of whether I know you before or not. Most positively and some negatively. Some I look at with disgust and others with disgust. What influenced that? My perspective? Their appearance or what?

Taking physical appearance into consideration, I am not talking beauty or whatever. Picture this, you see two guys, one was dressed smartly, inn ironed clothes and the other is sagging his trouser on a dirty boxers or even a clean one. If you were to ask for description to a place from either of them, whom will you approach?

The answer is clear, well birds of a feather flock together. Same goes for the ladies, indecent dressing is now the norm of the day but is their no decency anymore. Do they feel inferior or incomplete when decently dressed? More annoying is the fact that they actually expect to be treated with respect. Respect my foot.

Away from appearance, morally, some things we do and we know we are on the wrong, things that we do and demean us, things we do and bring down our self respect in eyes of others. Like I said yesterday, the fun is in doing the wrong thing.
Like they say, respect is earned, not given.

17th April 2012


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  1. Cool.but very short. not ur usual smooth style.

  2. nice. and short

  3. respect breeds respect. true.

  4. lovely. but short. The lord is your strenght. keep going.

  5. Salman Rushdie

    not ur usual standard. seems u were in a rush

  6. well well well

  7. semi-deep. liked it tho.

  8. Not dt cool. alryt tho

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