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Got something you want to share with us? Or are you a writer/blogger that wants to be featured on our site? StraitTwistedMe’s Scribbles is opening up for writers who want to write, contribute and let their voices be heard. Articles can range from topics about social issues, relationships, humor, fashion, African Culture, Inspirational, fiction and non-fiction.

Here are the following guidelines to writing an article for US

1. Must be Original. No plagiarized writings is/are allowed. And otherwise, credit should be given when someone’s work is sent in.

2. Articles should, as much as possible refrain from insults directed towards a particular gender, ethnic group, race, or religious group.

3. Articles should, as much as possible, be grammatically correct and void of glaring grammatical errors. This does not mean venacular cannot be used. If you write in pidgin english then by all means do so.

To register as a contributor, fill the form below. The contributor role allows you write/manage your article, upload the pictures or music associated with the article, but will not allow you publish. An admin, or editor will have to approve your article before it is published. While we encourage writers to send articles in, there is no guarantee that your post will be published. With that being said, register now, and start letting your voice be heard. For questions issues and concerns please contact straittwistedme@gmail.com Thanks for the support.

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