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Day 8 0f 30.

While in traffic,
I noticed a billboard that featured IT… although it was advertising a snack, there were hints of IT everywhere; As I got home, I saw IT on the television while I ate my dinner; I then flipped through the pages of a couple of magazines just before bedtime, and I saw IT again – IT was all over the place! I got to school the next day and there IT was – my colleagues were joking about IT; I ignored them and instead, I plugged into my iPod and more than half the songs on it were about IT. In my bid to get away from IT, I switched on my computer, i brely connected to th internet and there IT was again… connotations of IT on the Internet. At this point, I suddenly realised that there is no getting away from IT. Indeed, IT is everywhere!

Still wondering what the ‘IT’ is ? Lol, well, stop sleeping on a bicycle or stop being a lastcomer… IT is SEX!!! Yes, SEX… Yeah, now you shaking your head and seeing the light in the first paragraph. Even as a single, I imagine that it is great to go the whole way with one’s husband / wife – the one you truly love. I also realise that the world will come to a halt if this doesn’t happen – there must be
procreation; we need babies! Other than these two instances, I can’t imagine what IT is useful for. Why does everyone give IT so much attention? They say “sex sells”! Why bother to buy IT? Whatever for? IT’s all done in just a couple of minutes anyway (even though a friend told me that he can go for hours), and then what?

There are millions of zillions of other fun things to do in our world today, which have nothing to do with IT. There are many more things that give us joy (at least they give me joy). For instance, great food, travelling, shopping, good friends, family, true love, making money, religious services – the love of God, material possessions, a good bath, a good night sleep, a walk in the park, putting smiles on people’s faces… if we have all of these to occupy us and much more, why then does it appear as if IT is the only object of our focus?

Someone out there is wondering if ‘m normal
, yeah, i obviously am. Just pointing out the obvious. Myself, i’m not excluded from the sexual thing, i see almost everything i another light. Thanks to twitter, innocent meaning things auto turns sexual in my mind. Who is to blame? Social networks? Our generations? Or those who bred our generations? Or the internet?

I realise that many single people are sexually active but how then would you explain some others who aren’t; yet, they have great lives. Many of whom are happy and content, and life is beautiful for them even though they are currently without IT. IT really isn’t the “be-all and end-all” as IT is made out to be. It is possible to live a full life without feeling pressured to have IT since there is so much more to do with life. No wonder the nuns and priests are still thriving!
Well, some people are still safe from this sexual stigma. Was talking to a lady of recent and in the course of our conversation, i go to know that she did not know the meaning of ‘wet’. I was amazed, and i told her the sexual meaning. Did i corrupt her by telling her or did save her from appearing naive to someone else? Yeah, if everyone were like her how would it all look like?

Serial dating and cheating spouses have become the norm and in the desperate search for even more of IT, single women and men, and even married couples are constantly on the prowl. Strangely, many of such consumers of IT aren’t proud patrons since they often deny their actions publicly. Even then, this isn’t good enough reason to deter them. They say that IT’s best when it’s “illegal”… and I say, “that’s a heap load of BullShit”!

A friend, with whom I discussed my view about IT, said that only haters who aren’t “getting any” will concur. Am I getting any? That’s hardly the point here. However, in my response, i told him even if babes are trying to front, there will always be one available for quickie things moreover, there are enough high class harlot out there from whom i can get one. Therefore, I am not hating, just stating the obvious.

Would you believe that I just spent the last couple of my very priceless minutes writing this article; time that I could have used to accomplish zillions of other very useful things? This goes to show that sex (otherwise known as IT) is undeniably overrated!

Lemme end this with another sex article i wrote long ago.
The Quantity of sex doees not make the relationship valid…
It’s d quality of the relationship that makes the sex valid…
Sex is powerfl, but not impossible to control…
Yesterday’s Foolishness can’t justify today’s Stupidity…
If u are really sure the relationship will last forever,
Then there is no point warming the oven when u are nt ready to bake anything yet…
After every wedding, comes a marriage…
The wedding is d ceremony and the marriage is d relationsip u build l8r…

13th April 2012

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