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Little Joy.

Day 17

Hmmm… time is 4:19pm, even if you have being hibernating all day, i’m sure you have done something to help yourself. It might be eating, sleeping or playing, or resting. Eating, ‘ll nourish your body, sleeping, playing and resting, ‘ll ease stress on your brain. Sitting down to watch football, is also a joy to oneself {unless if you are an arsenal fan, cos in this case, the BP would be rising}. Now you are nodding your head and getting the drift of this post.

Now, reflect backward… What have you done to help others today? It must not necessary be monetary assistance, because money is not everything {have plenty of it before you go about preaching that weird principle}. It could be something trivial that will bring a smile to somebody else’s face.

I read a tweet of recent, it read “Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find it out“. How many of us can relate with that? Doing something good for someone who will never find out? And now curbing ourselves from boasting about it? Huh? Shaking your head?

But seriously, do you do every single act towards others with the aim of getting praise for it? Or is it just for sake of doing it or because you want to do the right thing? Huh? Helping out someone cos of the presence of another person. Real bad and we all are guilty one way or the other. I’m not a good guy nor i’m i claiming to be any thing, we all are trapped in it. afterall, i’m human just like everyone out there.

Little things that we count, often go a long way in helping others and, making us a better person. Picture this, you are walking on a path, and you saw pieces of glass shards along the path, would you move to the other side of the road and move on or will you find a way to clear it cos of another un-suspecting person. Search your mind and answer yourself.
Correcting someone, is also a part of it, but not correcting someone because you want to show superiority of knowledge or whatever. That’s plain bragging and the end result that the point of correction, is lost on the person being corrected. Rather, the slight is what the person will remember.

Nobody is an island, we all, are meant to compliment each other. That’s the way it’s meant to be to establish balance.

I’m just another writer, and i shall one day fade away like others before me.

At this point, i’m yet to suggest a tittle for this blogpost, and, i’m using this medium to wish chelsea good luck in their tonight’s match. Afterall, barca is not the only team in the world.

24th April 2012

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