Mr Faithful Boyfriend…

Today, i had 2 visitors. My strange roommate came with her boyfriend. We had a great time and i noticed the guy kept staring at my breast. I was wearing a spag and hot jeans pants. I had no bra on. The “faithful” boyfriend could not take his eyes off me, i was enjoying his attention, he had a look that seemed to suck my nipples, hmm, i got wet. my friend noticed so she said they were leaving, they left.

An hour after she came back to accuse me of trying to snatch her boyfriend. Whats the meaning of this! She really was talking and i kept quiet. She raved n ranted, then she said d guy is a faithful guy but i kept showing my breasts. Heavens! I apologized, said i didn’t know he noticed, then she stormed out. I was boiling but i remained calm. I slotted in a movie to watch, hostel was dry.

Sometimes around 8:30pm, I was drifting to sleep when my door was knocked. I grumbled, who would disturb me at this odd time, then opened. Standing in front of me was my friend’s “mr faithful boyfriend”, he was smiling, i was stunned…

My friend’s bf stood at d door, and wore a foolish grin, i did a quick calculation of what his motives were, i arrived at d fact that he wanted sex. I told him he was visiting late, “i know, i won’t stay long” he replied n entered. He paced about d room as if in thought, and i asked what he wanted, he came closer, started to touch me in strange places. I told him to stop, he forcefully kissed me n i could feel d hardness of his d*** against my tight, he tore my night wear, n was sucking n squeezin my breasts, i didn’t enjoy it at all, i could not shout, then his fingers slid into my c***, he was so strong, i could not stop him, then i hit him hard on d face, he was stunned, he stared at me n ordered my to lie down, i slapped him again. His eyes were red, i raised my voice and my hostel mates came. He looked at me n smiled wickedly. “u’d regret it” he said n stormed out. My hostel mates started to talk about such experiences an it was Sule {my 100l school son} who told us more. He said d guy is d head of a cult group… I’m so scared….

To Be Continued…

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  1. Please leave d school 4 him,wen there’s lyf there’s hope

  2. U should leave dt school. No matter what level u are. Unless u have ur own backup.

  3. God help u.

  4. LmaoOooooo! Suspense ooooo! Whyyyy whyyyy wud u do ds 2 me

  5. All is not well at all.

  6. Hmmmm. A friend of mine had such an experience.

  7. U sef. When u dey expose boby… U no sabi. Abi? God don catch u.

  8. Loling at d above comment.

  9. Not funny at all. I don’t envy ur situ at all. Wt school is dt?

  10. Kelegbe. U haff enter wahala be dis o…

  11. But u were feeling fly when u were teasing him. Na d reward be ds.

  12. GodHaveMercy on u! Say Amen.

  13. U haff enter ds one be ds o.

  14. Prayer is d only solution, if u leave d skul, he myt still get u nd also report to his gf…

  15. There were better ways to deal with the situation… Human beings are easily manipulated.

  16. Haha…it’s all ur fault…let’s c how it unfolds tho

  17. Faithful boyfriend?

  18. Dnt leave d school. Report d issue 2 d BLW pastor on your campus he knows what next action 2 take. Btw stop exposing ur breast if e dey sabi cause havoc 4 U.

  19. D babe lykd it joor!

  20. Hahahahaha, :p. Really funny

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