Life Of An Undergrad- In the Beginning

Erm… This is a true life Story…

If you are either an undergrad or a grad, and you are reading this, then you will agree that the experience of being a fresher is always both cool and awkward… iCan’t explain how. It’s just like that…
I guess i was one of the lucky ones who wrote JAMB once and gained admission at my 1st trial to study Civil Engr.. The undergrad feeling i spoke of, was kinda awesome and it was really mixed. the lectures, the fraternity, the expoure and most definitely the babes.

In my school (University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta. UNAAB), accommodation was either on-campus or off-campus. Against my choice, my mum secured on-campus accommodation for me (i can say enjoyed it cos i applied willingly the second year). 1st day the hostel opened, i moved in- already, i was tired of town life, the early fetching of well water and d hustle of transportation (i’m not forming buttie, but, i’m just not used to stress cos i lived a sheltered life).

As per normal, most of us in the hostel were 100l students… Not willing to be left out friends were made with with my mum’s advice of ‘be careful of whom you choose as a friend’ on my mind…. in fact, the very 1st night in d hostel, i slept in somebody else’s room.
I had 7 other roomates (one fresher and 3 sophomore students, one junior and two seniors). i auto-inclined to the next room that had lotta freshers hence the beginning of a new dawn. @Ayex_Money, @OnanugaTimothy, @Lexychuks were friends i made on the very 1st day.

Lecture started in earnest, the early morning wake up, the night class, the assignments, we had little time for ourselves and before we knew it, we had our 1st CAT (Continuous Assessment Test). It was PHS 101, next was MTS 101 and MTS 103. The result came out and i scored 17/30, 14/20 and 03/30 respectively. The first two i could tell everyone, the last one was between myself and i . My only consolement was that it was mass failure. My dad asked about my test results, needless to say, i lied, told him it was not yet out. Annoying thing was that i really prepared for that third paper (cummulative hours i spent on studying it the previous week amounted to over 28hrs).I’m not claiming to be ‘effico’, but i knew i was good, after all, i represented my school twice (Junior & Senior level) for Cowbell Mathematics Competition and i was of 21st and 27th position in Ogun State, and other various competitions. Erm, i was kinda a loner when it came to reading, i read very hard, but unknown to me, i was reading ”over-syllabus”.

Time flies, we all know that, exam timetable was drawn and then it dawned on we freshers that we had no time to check time… Exam came, and it went, 2wks break and we resumed for a new session.
Smiling faces and all that, we actually forgot about result for a while and slowly gist about result started filtering out. Senate Seating on result came and went and on a friday (tradition in my school is to release result on a friday so that you can use the weekend to reminisce about it), 3 weeks into resumption, results were pasted. I was in a class when i heard the gist. Instantly my bowels started churning. Dunno how i managed it but, next thing i found myself staring at the result-board. I almost jumped for joy cos i was seeing 4.02, but unknown to me, i was seeing the result of person directly beneath my matric no. I saw my result and 1st thing i checked was if there was carry-over. next was gp, then lastly, individual grades.

I decided not to tell my dad anything about it and also my mum (they are both 5 & 6)… Until about 3wks later my idiot of a roommate called them to tell them result was out. Alas, the cat is out, i had a 3.25 gp and a carry-over. i texted my dad, formed naivety and i sent 3.30 as my gp. He was furious at me after all, he graduated with First Class from Civil Engr and he expected same from me… I took solace in my mum, and i just ignored him point blank.
Until my dad called the VC Academics being a good friend of his, and the man enquired about my result. He called me, asked for my matric no, i sent it to him…
To cut story short, my dad knew my exact gp and i told him i approximated it because i tot it was the normal thing.

******I actually set out to write another undergrad experience of mine that involved my friend, his girlfriend and i. But, somewhere along

the line i deviated. I will write it out in my next and continue this as a series******


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  1. Wow very nyc,can’t wait for d next one to be out.yaaaaaaaay

  2. Lol olodo boy I’m joking sha but u pretty smart (Y)

  3. Approximating GP? Lol… I 4 flog u if i be ur papa.

  4. Ds is very original,can wait for d next “season” to ßξ out…………..nice one

  5. Holy geez! Reminds me of my 100level days… Read it twice. Thumbs up.

  6. Story line’s captivating. And, i like d way u expressed urself… Was almost as if i was relieving ur experience… Awaiting d next episode.

  7. Very very cool… So u get brain reach this one?

  8. Oga this one is story… Liked it thou. Na d ur friend, girl friend and u be d koko… Write am fast. (Y)

  9. @sarafinny. Thanks. Dunno how soon sha…

  10. @tope. @tushtope @frankiss. Thanks.

  11. Nice 1. Am ready to assist u wt sm memories if nid b.

  12. Lol. Eric baba. Thanks. Hw’s gh? Or still in 9ja?

  13. *sigh* reminiscing. Can’t wait for the concluding parts. Your write-ups are always brilliant.

  14. Lool approximation toh behd! Me, if result is bad, ijust shut my mouth. tell no one. x_x

  15. Gbayi me sef be fresher…i wan resume na hin ASUU start strike

  16. Lol. ‘m not a fresher o. It happened about 4yrs ago.

  17. @weird_oo lol. But, if it’s good, u loud it. Nutty gal.

  18. Lol… Approximation? Cool experience. Awaiting the sequel

  19. Lol. 9ice one. The narration was cool and it took another dimension with the ‘true life story’. When ‘ll d next episode be out?

  20. Very very nice writing. (Y)

  21. LOOOOL. Olodo 3/30 and approximating GP?? Hian. LOOL. Nice nice. (Y) Good 😀

  22. lol..nice one

  23. Nice!!! Many people can relate to this,u r smart sha o, u don’t wanna know what my part 1 gp was

  24. Hehehehe do sharp sharp with episode 2 na! No time!!

  25. Lol,I really liked it…

  26. Nice One Bro.. I’m a UNAAb Student too oo..

  27. @dopest gurl beautiful n well written. Ayam shaa more bwilliant dan u r. Nice one dude.

  28. Hundeyin Patience

    Nice ‘memoir’,gud fusion of english with a great sense of humor. Who says UNAABITES aint repping? Keep the flag flying dude

  29. G.P Aproximation?? (Y) Nice…

  30. Lol… Cool. Ur friend, his girl friend and u. Waiting for that installment. (Y)

  31. Lol. Approximation? Nice ending. Hope he did not vex 4 u? Cool. Awaiting the sequel.

  32. Awesome experience… I hope i get better when i gain admission this year. When is d next sequel?

  33. Nice one dude, you do have a future in this line…Everything here is as true as “Truth” …Nicely composed and constructed 11/10

  34. Cwul sturv…. Lmao @ approximating ya GP …Sharp guy

  35. Lol! Cool story! Olodo rabata…..*teasing*…I’d b waiting 4 d next one….thumbs up (Y)!!!!

  36. dude mhen uve got nice grammatical construction!

  37. Oh what a straight twisted story. 🙂

  38. A typical student; rascally and creative. Approximatin gp! A nice piece. keep it up.

  39. Yo Hommie Dis Is Fucking Captivating… You Got Nigguh Rmniscn, My UG1 *smh4 muhself*
    *Thumbz Up*

  40. Its kinda educative.
    Love dat bro!
    Role model you are!

  41. Quite interesting! Kept mai eyez glued to mai phone til d last dot. Thumbz up!!!

  42. lol, story’s good. I had d same thing in yr 1. But all d same, one’s gotta continue workin hard. Will like to read d other write ups. Well done.

  43. lol, approximate G.P lol, my sister graduated 4rm unaab, she said d skul culd have bin second to oau in academics.

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