Konji Ministration…

Last week sunday, i was at the chapel. Since my first time at the alter call this is my first time at worship. I sat in between two concentrated SUs, their eye glasses steadied on their nose bridges n they stole glances of unapproval at me as if i was devil sent.

I crossed my legs again, my skirt rose higher up n i notice the younger one swallow hard. We were all chics, (sorry. We were all sisters). The pastor’s voice reverberated in the speakers a little beyond me, i could here his voice vividly but so many times when people laughed i didn’t know what he said that was funny.

Anyways, during the grace, an usher slipped a note into my palms, i unfolded it, “The holy spirit wants to minister to you- pastor” . Hmm, i really would love God to take control of my life so i went to see pastor after service. Together with him and some other students we went to his own apartment. His room bespoke of salvation, i was impressed. After a short prayer session every left. It was just him and me.

He told me he’d always noticed me in church and also that i don’t attend services regularly, would it have anything to do wit your studies? He asked, i shook my head. Ur relationship? He prodded further, i shook my head slowly. Then he began to sermon, his hands held mine as he sat opposite me in ministration. We were slightly bent and my boobs were popping above, every movement i made, they bounced softly.

He began to caress d back of my palms. Hmmmm, Cute randy pastor, i tot in my mind. I was ready 4 his touch, twas quite astonishing tho. He pulled me up and placed me on his laps. He began to squeeze my boobs as i rolled my booty on his dick. Very quickly we undressed and i sat on him on the chair. He licked my back and squeezed my boobs as i bounced on his d***. My pu**y held his grip tight. I rolled n wind n started 2bounc faster. He was moaning softly, i rode him side ways, back and forth, he started 2beg me not to stop, i went faster and tigter. Then he groaned and began 2 speak in tongues till he climaxed. I asked if twas holy spirit at work. U can guess his answer.
I need purification very soon!!!

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  1. This Post was sent in to me via email. The author is anonymous! Thanks. Do Comment!

  2. Hmmm…I guess this is from a sex blog…u call it konji ministartion? Nah…its a konji write up…

  3. Holy Moses! No comment! Ministration indeed!

  4. Hmmm… Did this occur in reality?

  5. Jeez! Dunno if this happened for real, but i can say i’v heard this kinda thing happening… It happened to a friend’s friend.

  6. If this is true, then the end is coming soon. Cool presentation, twas short sha.

  7. Cool! Undergrad. U? What school if i may ask?

  8. :O :O :O It turned out quite differently than I expected. Good one tho (Y)

  9. Jesu kristi oluwa wa amin…

  10. Now this is one piece! Pastor sef sabi! Lol

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