Day 29.

Hehehe… Like seriously, i glad. Just tomorrow’s post left and i’m done with 30-days blogging issue. Would miss it tho, yeah, i’m already used to the looking forward to another day’s post, the looking for where inspiration would come from and the saying “i’m yet to post today”. Yeah, it was like a drug fix for me.

One thing i learnt, is that if i could put in my maximum best in this, then i could do better in my educational ish. One thing shouldn’t disturb another. Yeah, there’s time for everything. Time for blogging, time for playing, time for tweeting and time for hmmmm, whatever…

No theme for today’s post. Actually, today feel like the last day. I don’t know why. Any body who have written exams before would tell you that the semi-last paper actually looks like the last. Same goes for any Muslim who have fasted during Ramadan. The last 10days is always the hardest, but come the semi-last day, the feeling of it being over, comes over you.

Let me show to appreciation to some people after all, i couldn’t have done it without them. Or, who will tell a blogger to stop writing if after 5 or 6 posts, he/she is yet to get one single comment…

1 To GOD. For the inspirations.

2. @Ade2Leye Nutty girl, read all posts and she even called many times just to tell me she liked my posts. And actually, she suggested the topic for my final’s post.

3. @Weird_oo Took her as my blog adviser. And, i gained loads… Thanks. Dunno if i should blow kiss, all the same, mwah :* ….

4. Jiboola Soyoola. Nutty sweetheart. Always asking if i’v posted today> Inspired me when i wanted to stop earlier.

5. Orifunke: Blog critic, welcomed all her comments. She made me write under pressure.

6. Ijeoma Okoro. Always on the lookout for a new post. Inspired me both physically and sexually {not in that context sha}. Thanking AIESEC for bringing us together.

7. Everybody who commented on the posts. Like seriously, you guys kept me going.

8. MTN… Blogging was fun with 3.5G connection… Made me happy to go online knowing that i had high speed connection.

9. PHCN.. For not putting spanner in my work even though they tried their best.

10. Barakat Opeyemi and Tohmieey Akindokun. For everything.

11. To all those who shared my blog one way or the other.

12. To that blogger who inspired me through his negative attitude. I wish you well bro.

13. And to those whom i didn’t mention. Love you guys…

Taking a u-turn, i’m wondering why the topic with the highest page view was SEX. Shows how much value our generation has put on it.

Time to end my ranting. Tomorrow’s post is the only one i knew what i would write on before the day came. Tomorrow’s should be on WOMEN…


5th May 2012

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  1. I love this keep it up!!!

  2. Whatever will Ʊ do without us?

  3. wud luv 2 read dt

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