The End, Justifies The Means.

Hmmm, i don’t know where i’m getting the strength to type now. Actually, i thought maybe i just might stop the 30days blogging ish. Why? Cos i’m down with malaria and i’m too weak to think. In the end, i thought, ‘who cares?’. Lol, hmmm, excuse are for losers.

Before i started writing this i actually thought i was still at day 25. Pondering how i was going to write 5more posts. Now imagine my suprise when i saw that i was at day 27 and this is my 28th post. This brings me to today’s post.

The end justifies the means. That’s one of my favourite quote. Wondering what i’m driving at? I will take this 30 days blogging ish as case study. First 10 days, i was actually looking forward to posting, subsequent days, it was a struggle for me to continue what i started. That was when i realized that it was not an easy thing to write a daily column in a newspaper. Kudos to them. Ideas come and go, we all know that. We choose to implement some and discard many. Implementing ideas, is not really the thing, the main thing, is to implement it to the end. The end justifies the means. Now you see what i’m driving at. The novelty of every idea will eventually wear out, it’s left to every individual who knows what he/she stands to gain to continue inspiring oneself with the mind that, ‘the end justifies the means’.

History never reckons with someone who starts something. Rather, with who finished it. E.g, Isaac Newton is not referred to as ‘Father of Calculus’. Letters later proved that he was the first to think in that direction. But, he stopped along the way and somebody else introduced calculus to the world.

The end justifies the means. Another example, is the Facebook story. Someone else’s idea, Mark ‘stole’ it and he became a billionaire from it. Many would tell you the same. Lots of stories about that that we have heard.

Determination, is a key in everything. Anyone who looks back during a race, is not worthy of reaching the finish line. In the same vein, winners are winners because they know what’s at stake. Well, such is life. After all, the end justifies the means.

Did i make any sense at all?



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  1. Olatunbosun opeyemi

    Yeah.. U really make sense… I’m gonna make use of ur quote from now henceforth..

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