The Clarion Call…

Day 23

Living out the dream that the boy i was once had. The above, reads the bio of one of my followers on twitter. Can’t remember his handle tho.

For those who can reflect, how deep are those words? Or rather, how shallow are those words?
As a child, we all had a perfect picture of our future. Ask any 5yrs old that what would you become in future, the automatic answer, is i want to be a doctor/engineer/pilot/accountant and the likes.

In the end, 35% end up realizing their childhood dream. The issue now, is what brings about the de-railing from that dream? Reality? Or what? We can call it childhood fantasy that the child we once were doesn’t know the world out there. Or that we were rail-roaded into the sub-conscious turned conscious decision. Most of us really knew what we wanted.

Well, reality bites, in this modern age of admission struggle, the era of applying for Micro-biology and you are given botany. Mot can’t walk away cos what’s the assurance that you will be given admission the next year? Or, in a situation where you are given your choice course and due to one un-seriousness or the other, you end up graduating in another course entirely or a case where you get expelled from school due to one mis-behaviour or the other.

Now, whose fault is that? Well, it’s never too late to set the railroad back track. But, time waits for no one. I will end this with another Oomf’s {@Oginnidipo} bio:- “Making that man proud of the boy he was once… making the boy proud of the man he has become”.


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