Letter To Kofo

Day 22

Dear Kofo,
You know i love you,and to emphasize how much i’m taking this letter personal, i’m writing it with a pen rather than straight on my laptop. I should have done this long ago but many things do come in between us and they make me skip the issue at hand. I need to ask you something that has kept me sleepless and I want you to be totally honest with me. It might be awkward between us after this but I have to know how you feel.

Please, don’t get angry with me, cos i know you expect otherwise from me after all, we have crossed that barriers of being strangers. But the more i bottle it inside me, the more it affects me negatively. It’s not a matter of curiosity, but a matter of the heart. I have kept it in mind for a while
now but I think it’s finally time. I’ll be straight up and just confront you. I hope this doesn’t ruin the budding relationship we already have.

It’s a simple but not so simple thing that i want to ask, i hope it doesn’t come between us, like they say, what we leave unsaid, is what will later haunt us the most. I don’t want this to be a case of had i known. I’m taking a risk, but i hope you understand, life is all about risk-taking.

And if you decide that i was wrong in asking, please, can we still be friends? Cos, i value our friendship over any other thing, but i just have to express myself. I just need to know and I don’t see any other way I could get over this. Just be honest & true. That’s all i ask of you.

The deep question i have for you is that ‘Can you still remember the taste of “Shortcake Okin biscuit”‘? Kindly awaiting your reply.

With deepest Love,

29th April 2012

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  1. had d feel of a series of leaked DMs.

  2. ShowBoyFolahan

    EPIC LMAO. Lol i still remember the taste tho.

  3. Were ni bobo yi sha. Smh4u. Nice 1

  4. Nice, was expectn somethn like this when i got to 3rd paragraph. Nice 1

  5. Bogus Head……Had a feeling Ʊ were gonna do jus dat and Ʊ dnt dissapoint. SMH

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