Lost Love.

Day 21

On my bed, thinking…..

Where did it all go wrong???

I remember how it was when it was just you and me…

The Smiles and laughter we shared

The tears we shed…

All d countless number of calls and texts that we shared…

Until it ended so suddenly….

And it all seem like nothing ever happened….

Wondering what went wrong….

Did i disappoint u??? Or let you down???

Should i be feeling guilty???

U touched my hand, you touched my soul…

Is it that the sparks dwindled before it really sparked???

Or the stars dimmed before it actually twinkled???

I can say that what i felt 4 you was real….

Don’t tell me u don’t feel anything…

Search your heart and tell me that deep down in your heart u don’t feel anything …

Cos then i ll know that what we shared was just an illusion….

Stories are told long after they happened,

But i hope when our Story ll be told, it ll be told that i tried all my best to make it work…

But am human and to err is human…

I knew i did wrong u many times…

Maybe i never knew your true value till i lost you…

But, i do hope for a second chance if it’s not too late…

I love you and always will…

But i guess life goes on…

This is dedicated to everyone that has lost a loved one.

NB:- Hmmm… Nobody should ask me if this happened for real or if it’s just a figment of my imagination.


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  1. I can relate with this.

  2. Nice. Btw, did it happen to you?

  3. Cool. Sad.

  4. Touching. It once happened to me.

  5. I’m sure this hombre has had a fair share of heart break……. I feel ur pins bro, shii is real

  6. And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will always love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu 😥 Ok never been in this boat but hey! i sympathise

  7. Sad. Such ‘s life. And, life goes on.

  8. ShowBoyFolahan

    Sad. Most should definitely be able to relate with this.

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