Midnight Boredom

This post wouldn’t count in my 30days blogging ish. Time is 00:39am right now and sleep is not coming. ‘m not in the mood to tweet, so here i am, freestyling.

This is the fastest growing ‘viral’ disease. Found in most youth and absent in virtually every adult unless he or she is jobless. No thanks to social network, this disease, is on the increase. And little thanks to virtually very good GPRS network at night(MTN users can testify), most people are awake all night long to catch up on what they missed all day(i was once guilty of this) and some are just having the insomnia disease cos their body is already conditioned to it.

Plenty sex starved niggas and bitches out there going in on that ever continuous TT. Good thing is that you’ll just catch minute fun on it and bad thing is that you might be left with a hard-on for a very long time. Btw, only time i ever had a threesome was during #TwitterAfterDark. Twas a nice online fantasy. Well some might call it real.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise.
Guess this saying is now quite obsolete, cos the people you see online by 4:49am are the same people you will see by 6:30am, tweeting ‘ a new day has come’. Weird? Hmmm. Call it evolution. Well the newly coined saying is that ‘Early to bed, makes a man wealthy and healthy.

Nothing else for me to say, Other than fact that this my 30day blogging ish is really wearing me down, both mentally, physically and meta-physically(whatever it means). ‘m relishing the challenge tho. And this new experience of posting via mobile is pretty cool cos right now, my laptop is dead and ‘m hoping NEPA rather, PHCN can just bring the fucking light! Enough of rambling. I’m off to bed. ‘v started yawning. 😑 😑 😑

PS:- Maybe i should just make this post no 17. Depends on if i get inspired later in the day sha.

24th April 2012.

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  1. D Lord z ur muscle,dear…15 days 2 go. Insomnia z nt rly causd by social ntwrks,insted dy hlp 2 pass away tym wn u cnt slip. I tnk it’s cos ur bdy z fully adjusted probably 2 a reading pattern. Insomnia z d most ANNOYING tn cos u wanna slp nd u can’t! Nd dt ‘early 2 bed…early 2 rise’ thing z a LIE!

  2. 9ice Random rambling.

  3. The 2nd paragraph was nice. And true.

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