Trust & Betrayal

Day 16.

Dictionary meaning of some words do not really appeal to me. But, right now, i’m at a loss on how to define trust. Most definitely, it’s a sub-conscious turned conscious emotion, and i would also call it a feeling of faith in someone.
Betrayal on the other hand, can be defined as breach of agreement.

What brings about trust? Does it just come on you like that and next thing you know is ‘i trust that person’ or what? Brings me to point of this, why do we all tend to betray ourselves. In line with the definition above, betrayal is simple breaking trust. No other simple or simpler way to put it.

There are different types of betrayal:- self betrayal, community betrayal and loads of others. Not excluding relationship betrayal. What induces it? Unconscious act or what? Self betrayal, is breaking the promise you made to yourself, and community’s is breaking that to others.

Relationship wise, breakups occur when the trust in it has eroded. Well, nowadays, how many relationship do have trust in it? Let me not delve away from issue/s at hand. What brings about the breach? Time? Cos, like they say, time will tell. I trust you today or that i’m your friend today, doesn’t mean we can’t be best enemies tomorrow. Yeah, we are human. And that’s just the way it’s all meant to be. Nothing good lasts forever, but, why are we so determined(not everyone tho), to breach trust?

Human being varies. What we expect from Person A shouldn’t be expected from Person B. That someone else betrayed you, doesn’t indicate that someone else will. Therefore acting on basis that he or she would disappoint you later is quite irritating and outright stupid.

Most relationships, end on the basis of being suspicious. Yeah, many out there can testify. You wondering how i know? Well, let’s just say i’v seen and i’v heard things. Minor issues that shouldn’t even result in arguments tends to be enlarged into something else. Talk of making a mountain out of a molehill. Well, it all dies down to human behaviour. And, as we know, nobody is perfect. We can only strive towards perfection…

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  1. We all are human so we tend to make mistakes. Nice post.

  2. True. Well expressed.

  3. True.

  4. Betrayal mostly come from the guys side. Females tend to stay faithful.

  5. True, we can’t help but be human. Nice post. The paragraph really interlocked well…

  6. Nice writeup. I like the theme behind it.

  7. my motto: Trust no one except God.
    This motto has saved me from many things. Im heartless maybe.

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