Relationship BreakUps

Day 15.

The beginning of a relationship is always so fresh and ‘cute’ that we never tend to portray the end.

The end comes sometimes as a shock and other times as something we see from afar. Most times, it’s the women that tends to suffer it. I’m not saying that guys doesn’t suffer from heartbreaks ish, but it’s usually the women folks left to lick wounds.

During relationship durations, most ladies tend to give their all, and some do not even bother about giving anything. At the end, she’s left crying and trying to beg. Begging, is sometimes good, it shows character, but what happened to being independent?

If a guy should walk out of a relationship, i believe the gal should be bold enough to close the door and move on with life. Afterall, wasn’t she feeling alright before she met him?

Yeah, that’s the truth, most girls are always at the forefront to claim independency, but little act it. You guys broke up, and you are crying, does that signal end of life or what? Most definitely, you wouldn’t see a guy crying after breakingUp, unless something has gone wrong upstairs so what’s with the women-folks? Afterall, what a guy can do, a woman can do better. Or isn’t it?

Ps:- i dunno what ps means, i think it’s postscript. All the same, i posted this via my phone. Was in a hurry to beat my expiration of my subscription. And my supporting the women folks is because they are the weaker vessels. Any guy that has a problem with this, should drink hypo!!!

22nd April 2012

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  1. Nice and true. Many cry independency. But they are not ready to act it.

  2. Nice. Like d part about the ‘upstairs ish’. Lol.

  3. U do say we gals cry,bt u dudes also turn urselves 2 drunks, d fact d@ we shed tears doesn’t neccessarily mean we were 2 much in u,it may b as a result of time wastd in d relatnshp,a break in trust among odas,u guyz r jst as emotnal as we r, d only difference is d way we express ourselves.

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