Rules and Regulations

Day 11

This post will be very short, yeah, very short and meaningless {Literally and figuratively}. I had 8am-6pm lecture, so my brain is kinda in hibernation mode. Like seriously, this 30 days blogging is beginning to take it’s toll on me. Yeah, someone is wondering who sent me msg. lol… It’s all about the fun.


Back to today’s post, you probably are wondering what rules? Actually, no rule/s in mind, just general rules. On my way home, from school, I was in the school’s shuttle bus and there was noise all around me. I plugged in my earpiece and played Drake’s ‘July’. Expecting it to change after the track was over, it kept on playing. Too tired or rather too lazy to change it, I left it on and I started overdosing on it. When he said “damn, tell me where did all the magic go, I followed the rules and told you everything you had to know” . Obviously he was referring to his ex. That set me thinking, in a relationship, I’m I to follow all the rules?


The question is which relationship rules? Who laid down the rules? What works for Couple A might not work for Couple B. We all know that but majority always carry the vote so there are certain rules we all are expected to follow. Moreover, your financial capability also sets the rule if you know what I’m talking about {for both parties i.e the girl and the guy}. One rule I know is that ‘in every relationship, power lies with whoever cares less’. In general, what are rules meant for? To create stability and prevent chaos, for orderliness? Or for what? Like seriously, for what? How many rules did you break today? Growing up, I had lotta rules that I had to follow, but the natural me, would rather break the rule than to follow it and if I opted to follow it, I would skip one part, and follow another. Why? I’m sure I can’t be the only one who was and is still into that. Well, from beginning creation, human being was already averse to obeying rules. Ever wondered how life would have been if Eve never ate the forbidden fruit?


Back to sport, rules and regulation are everywhere. Talking football, we all know some teams are above rules and regulation, I don’t need to mention them, lol, why did someone mention barca and man utd? I saw a tweet yesterday “Chelsea Appeals To UEFA Concerning Red-Card They Will Collect Against On Barca On Wednesday”… Funny? Lol… Manchester United are another case entirely, well being champions, comes with a price. Like I always say, ”Rules are meant to be broken” and like they always say, “Follow all the rules and you miss out on all the fun”.


Did I make any sense at all? All the same, do use the comment button. Thanks…


16th April 2012


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  1. Nice. Man utd tho. Cheaters.

  2. Cool. U managed to convey big sense. Nice.

  3. Lol. United, barca, big cheat. Includes chelsea also. Rules and reg, we all break them. Love the last sentence.

  4. Adam and eve. Not only u consider that tot.

  5. Words well expressed, short nd brief tho but educating all d way… Man utd isnt a cheat abeg, na barca nd chelsea… Thumbs up bro

  6. Made sense. Belongs to the comic aspect of this blog. (Y)

  7. Loling.

  8. Made sense. Don’t get tired. Awaiting tomorrow’s post. :*

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