Is It Practical To Be Honest?

Day 9

At the end of day 4’s Post, someone told me that was my best post ever. At the end of day 7, somebody else said the same thing. At the end of day 8, someone else said the same thing. I love criticism and comment, but i think i should apologize if i can’t continue in same stead that i wrote those ones. My aim, is not to better my last post, but to express myself explicitly.

Waking up this morning, i was yet to get a theme for today’s post. Minutes after i woke up, i heard a knock on my door, a jehovah witness guy wanted to preach. I politely told him to come later but he ended up dropping a ‘Awake Magazine’, January 2012 edition for me. Bidded him bye and i took a look at the front page. It practically leapt at me. ‘IS IT PRACTICAL TO BE HONEST’. Any writer would tell you that writing comes from split second inspiration/s. At that very moment, i knew the angle i had to write from.

Back to issues at hand, Is it practical to be honest? Shaking your head and wondering what to choose. Huh? Yeah, it involves much thought to settle on an answer. The pressure to be dishonest is on everyone. Be you a christian, muslim, atheist or buddhist. Nobody can claim not to have cheated ones. Be it an examination, or in a game or in a cunny way to get money. Youths of today are prone to this and the elder ones are not exempted.

“Honesty in business, is a relic of the past, and those who practice it are doomed to failure” – Unknown. The above quote should ring true for us all especially in this country of ours. Be it in the ministry, corporate bodies, private business, just name it it’s there. Even the government are the chief culprit of it.

What gain is there in being dishonest? More financial gain? More recognition? More Prestige? Or what? We all are not satisfied with situ of things in Nigeria. Why? Beause of CORRUPTION. The major form of dishonesty in this country. This cuts across all sectors, a youth already involved in cyber-crime, will not think twice before tking out of the national treasure or national cake like it’s generally known.
Personal temptation, Pressure to maximise profits, pressure from others, culture and environment plays a key role in choosing between honesty and dis-honesty. People’s perception of honesty, has more to with what they can get away with legally than what is actually the truth. Like they say, It’s not cheating until you get caught.

In Nigeria, it’s customary for business transactions to be accompanied by an exchange of ‘gifts’, where workers demand kola before they can perform their duty. Anyone who ever tried getting a passport or driver’s license would understand this better. Irrespective of size of ‘gift’, the boundaries of honest practices can be easily blurred.

My opinion now, when in Rome, act like a roman. Imagine this, you are a civil engineer, dealing with road construction, you seek contracts from government. And there will have to be greasing of palm or to call a spade a spade, bribes will be given. Will you abstain from seeking contract and look for another profession in wee hour of one’s life or will you swing along? Now picture yourself as the government official, will you seek to obtain bribe, inflate contract and get almost double or triple your annual income in the blink of an eye without batting an eyelid? Hard choices. Virtually caught in between two devils. Well, what would it cost you or rather, us, to be honest? Eating fro your sweat, reaping the fruit of your labour. What happened to reaping what we sow, why wanting to reap when you didn’t sow?

In the end, someone out there will wonder why I’m forming innocent guy, no, I’m not. I’m also caught up in this rat race. But, knowing what’s right and doing what’s right are two different things. Or, aren’t they?
Ending this with a quote, “It’s always a challenge to differentiate a gift from a tip”.

14th April 2012

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  1. You’re a very good writer. One very good day,I’ll goo through all your posts. Keep it up. 😀

  2. T’ was cool anyway

  3. Truth is we can’t help it.

  4. True, it’s in our blood. Dishonesty runs deeper than we think.

  5. True, nice example in getting driver’s licence ish.

  6. Nigerians for example, it’s like our birthright to be corrupt.

  7. Loling at the passport part. So true. I experienced it. Paid almost same amount just to get it fast. Nice post here.

  8. Kudos. Well expressed.

  9. Even if everyone reads this, it can’t make anyone change.

  10. Jeez. I served at d ministry. Those guys are so corrupt, they seen to see it as their right.

  11. Cool read

  12. Well illustrated.

  13. Cool write up…

  14. @DukeOf9javille

    We live in a world where lies are honey-coated – truth, a bitter pill.
    Nice 1.

  15. Cool, but tbh almost everybody is guilty of dis or shld i say everybody… Nyc post u ve got here

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