This Or That???

Day 6 0f 30.

I remember those days, when i was very young and still listened to my grand father’s tale by the moonlight. One night, he said to me ‘My son, listen to this story, it might one day be useful to you.’

There were two friends, Bukola and Dupe, they were very close friends but, they both had different aspirations in life and they pursued their dreams seperately. Bukola wanted to be a Billionaire and Dupe wanted to be a teacher. They both went to tertiary institutions, graduated, and they moved into the labour market.

Bukola toiled and sweated to meet her goals. In the end, she became a millionaire. But she was still never satisfied… Cos she was not yet a billionaire. She became a miser unto herself, giving out with her left hand.
Dupe ended up being a teacher with meagre salary but she was contented that she achieved her dream and she kept on working hard to implant knowledge to people. People took notice of her dedication and showed their appreciation of her works by thanking her an giving her gifts.

Then, my grandfather asked me, “Who among them was successful?” And, i told him, “the world knew Dupe”!

Cool story??? Maybe. Moving on, If you had the chance to be either Aliko Dangote or Wole Soyinka, who would you pick? Yeah, don’t give me that bullshit of “i’ld rather be who i am”. Nobody is asking you to be somebody else. It’s just a random teaser. Two years ago, i had an argument with @oginnidipo , @ayex_minaj and someone else, and that question was the centre of the argument. In the course of that argument he showed me a story similar to the one above.

Two years later, i’m beginning to see things in new light. Ok, back to the question at hand, who would you be??? Someone who is ranked in Top 50 billionaires in the world or someone who is reckoned with in the academic circle? Tough choice, yeah, different strokes for different folks. Would i rather amass wealth and be well reckoned with or should i be known as a geek. Someone out there is thinking that Wole Soyinka is not a pauper, yeah, i’m not saying otherwise but can he afford a private jet, can he afford the luxury Dangote can afford? He is well known, but can he move in the circle of the elite?

In the same vein, you can’t call Dangote an illiterate, i don’t know if he went to any tertiary institution, but, he is well versed in Financial proprietary. Can he move in league of the scholars? He is fucking rich, yeah, fucking rich. But, is he contented with wat he’s got. Can he sleep well @ night without the thought of one investment on his mind or is he past that stage???

At the end of this post, you’ll notice that i didn’t answer the question. But, reflect deep within you and ask yourself who you would rather be Aliko Dangote or Wole Soyinka??? Well, greed is the bane of this generation, so i really wouldn’t be disappointed if 99.9999% chooses Dangote. Afterall, when money talks, everyone listen!!!

11th April 2012


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  1. Shey i dey mad ni? why i go choose wole soyinka? Shey na literature i go chop???

  2. Woke Soyinka for me. NOT a fan of excessive wealth. so far Im not starving, Im alright. Plus i is a NERD 😀

  3. wow.. Lovely story…

  4. i go for Aliko Dangote, like you said, Money speaks, everybody listens!

  5. ¥̴̴̩̩̩̥ø̶̲̣̣̣̣̣̲̥̇̇̇̅̊u̶̴̲̥̩̩̩̥̅̊’re right τ̅☺ guess I’ll rather be me. But if I were τ̅☺ choose, I’ll choose Wole Soyinka. Even though he’d probably be watching his back cos of τ̲̅ђe pple he’s said certain truths τ̅☺, he gets τ̅☺ be himself wivout caring so much wot d oda finks. Dangote has τ̅☺ consider other ppl’s opinions before making some decisions and dat sucks.
    Nice piece.

  6. I rather be A Soyinka than An Aliko

  7. Cool. Dangote al d way.

  8. I’m deceiving myself if i say soyinka.

  9. nice 1. dangote all d way…

  10. choosn @soyinka is downright stupid of any1…

  11. this post is #gbam well i think it depends on the person….if i’m not particular about money, i can decide to be like soyinka…with all the brains and not so much money but me will still prefer dangote cuz he have all the brain and the money…without the brain he couldn;t have gotten all that money

  12. I think most of us miss the point here. It’s not a riches vs. education argument, rather it calls for deep reflection on the value and meaning of success. A Wole Soyinka who doesn’t add his wealth of knowledge to his people is not better than a stingy Dangote. According to the story, I think I’d rather be the teacher simply beause he gave. Circles of influence or power don’t measure success,, rather real motive (love) does!

    Nice one there by Ola… I’m surprised you still remember the story. 🙂

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