My guilty pleasure

Day 5 of 30. This post is coming kinda late, yeah, i had lectures and other things… All the same it’s still day 5 and as they say, better late than never.

Guilty Pleasure. I can imagine what someone out there is thinking. Guilty Pleasure, hmmm, wanking… Lol… We are all bound to think sexual. Ya so off point anyway.
Am i trying to say that i’v never wanked before? Well, lets leave that for another day. Yeah, back to what i was saying. MY GUILTY PLEASURE… We all have it, something we do almost everytime even though it sometimes affect us negatively. Ask yourself what’s that one/two thing/s you can’t do without? Still thinking?

Well, mine’s obviously novel reading and surfing the internet. Hmmm, the novel ish was a random thing. Started when i was trying to chyke a new babe in Jss 3. Just to start a convo with her, i lent a novel from her, over 300 pages novel. Turned out to be the most boring novel i ever read in my life. Well, the P-Setting was later successful.

My mind runs wild alot, some say maybe it’s cos i read novels. Dunno why sha, but, in those days when i do read romance, my mind often runs a fragmentation of it’s own. Picturing scenes that are pretty much ridiculous, just like watching high school movies and trying to put what you saw into practice. Hell of a world cos we obviously are in different sphere.

Name any popular author, i’ll tell you i’v read his/ her books.
Most people think it’s just an empty boast, others know otherwise. Well, doesn’t hurt to rub it in some people’s face. Little pride is allowed, afterall, we are all human. Wait a min, when i said popular authors, i failed to specify that i read only intrigue and sci-fi. Reading romance is absolute bullshit, most ladies will disagree after all most are into it and it fuels their illusion of having a guy with well chiseled body and 6-pecs – as if that ‘ll pay the bill… But seriously, why read a book when you already know the end? It’ll obviously end in either kiss/sex/marriage, so WTF? I once rad them tho. My fav is “Fire Island” . I read it in SS1. A book with over 500 page and the had detailed sex after every 3 pages!!! Damn, twas hot!

To date, can say i’v read over 5000 novels.
Yeah, 5000! I was already at 1800 when i was still keeping track, and that was 6yrs back. Hard to believe? Well situ came up when i read 5novels per day, skipping food cos i just could not stop reading. Moreover, can’t remember when last i started reading a novel and i dropped it before reaching the final page. Needless to say, i’m a very fast reader, averaging over 500pages in little over 1hr 45mins, yeah i’m as fast as that.

My favourite authors
include John Grisham, Dale Brown, Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, James Patterson, Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Danielle Steel, Enid Blyton of Famous Five, J. K. Rowling of Harry Potter, Dean Koontz even though his books are kinda scary, Stephen King, Robert Ludlum, Nora Robert, Micheal Crichton, Clive Cussler, Robin Cook, Ian Fleming for James Bond series, and finally Mary Higgins Clark. And yeah, i’v read all their novels with exception of Stephen King. Lemme not forget Frederick Forsyth, The Negotitor and Day/s of the Jackal will forever remain my all time fav. Yeah, and Sweet valley high series, can’t remember the author.

Internet and i are another thing, only thing that can keep me from reading a novel, is the internet and only thing that can keep me away from the internet, is a novel. Well, novel reading i almost now a thing of the past. I still read every once in a while but quite not unlike before when i could spend my last dime just to buy a paperback novel.
With time, we all grow up. Maybe i’v done that or maybe i’m just getting my priorities right…

10th- April-2012

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  1. ¥̴̴̩̩̩̥ø̶̲̣̣̣̣̣̲̥̇̇̇̅̊u̶̴̲̥̩̩̩̥̅̊ should try Jeffery Deaver. ♍γ̲̣̣̥ fav is “Τ̲̅ђe Bone Collector”. Nice piece……

  2. Well, d way u express yourself shows diversity. It’s nice. Thumbs up. But! I dnt believe u can read 500 pages in an hour.

  3. Waoh. Bravo! Diversity was truly shown… Can read faster than u tho.

  4. Nice piece.

  5. Day 5? So i missed 1-4. i’m off 2 reading them! That tells u how well i enjoyed this.

  6. Shady Nerd's Corner

    Sidney Sheldon!!!!!
    Robert Ludlum!!!!
    Nora Roberts!!!
    Sandra Brown!!!
    Masters of the game
    i read novels also
    finished harry potter series SS1/SS2

  7. 500pages in 1.5hrs? Ya truly fast.

  8. PsychoticBiatch


  9. Yaayyy. Sidney Sheldon and Clive Cussler ;-). Nice writeup.

  10. And i tot i was fast.*sobs*

  11. Now i’v seen my boss! Nice write up and cool delivery.

  12. Love reading too ! Dan brown is def my best tho’ and then Sidney sheldon. You read faster than me sha. Nice post (y)

  13. @DukeOf9javille

    Nice 1! U should be referred to as The Cheetah amongst Readers. Kip it up!

  14. Great Piece. You too much

  15. I thought I was a novel reader till I read this. I’ll read any novel but I don’t like sci-fi and I’m not a Grisham fan. I’ll read a book if its funny, captivating or romantic and I think nigerian literature is pretty good. Authors like Achebe, Soyinka and Adichie do very well. And I definitely haven’t read upto 5000 books. All in all, I think its a nice post. Thumbs up

  16. I can relate to this cos I was an avid reader too . How can you call Dean Koontz’s books scary when the master (Stephen King) is on the list lol.
    Recommendation: Anne Rice (Read the witches books & the vampire chronicles…. Thank me later)

  17. i love reading novels too…….diary of a street diva (a must read) i also read up to 5 novels a day at times and when m walking on the road lmao…….

  18. I bet u if u read one, u’l search for the rest

  19. *nodding at your list* Dean Koontz rocks. he isn’t scary o! Read a James Herbert book. Hehehehe

  20. Nice blog…was a novel addict,had 2 set my priorities ryt tho. Wud hide d novels btwn big txtbuks nd read yhl a class ws goin on. I evn had ‘Novel-Vigils’…nd I used 2 read on d road too X_x

  21. Wow! Am impressed. U should try David Baldacci and Joseph Finder.I really enjoyed their books

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