Letter to my best friend!!!

Day 3 of 30. Hmmm… I started this post wth “letter to my future wife” as the topic then i thought, why not write to my bestfriend.


I know I have more than I deserve, somehow the most incredible people are a part of my life. There are several people I can call ‘closest friends’; but when I have to write a letter to my best friend, well there is only one choice. It’s you!

Started like every normal friendship would start, i disliked you before i even met you. Yeah, don’t be surprised, the dude you were dating then was always mentioning your name like it was one ‘honey crusted’ thing. That dislike did not stop me from playng that prank with moyo putting you in the middle.

4yrs ago, we met, i can still remember vividly, twas by the male hostel tank, after the introduction by your bf, i was like “so this is the girl i have being hearing about”, no further thing to say, we just went our seperate ways(unknown to us que sera sera). Yeah, a week later, freshers night, on a friday, as per normal, we all trooped out just to catch fun and lucky me your boyfriend was actng grumpy. And since i was sitting next to you, we started talking. What we never knew was a lifetime friendship was about to kick off.

Save for the initial awkwardness, we got along prety well, the keeping of seat in class, assignments dubbing, random gisting and loads of others including your bf annoyance that we were close… Hehe that one is story for another day. As per normal, some people thought we were dating cos we were almost always together. iHad a scare with your bf, and we moved on, you guys broke up and we remained friends.
Now i’m wondering if i should feel guilty over that or not cos i know i never made any move to mend fences btw you guys.

We didn’t do lotta crazy stuff together except that that you made me walk to the atm with you, and the day i entered female hostel by 11pm when visiting period was already 1hour past. Thank God i wasn’t caught. Or, what would i have said? That i wanted to call you for night reading? Btw, i did peep thru the window but i did not see anything.

Did i ever fall in love with you? I get to be asked this question alot even till now well let’s just say i knew better that to crash what we had cos we both obviously knew too much about ourselves to dive into dating ish. iLater told u via my kobrawap blog and i can still remember how you just became silent and we moved on to other topics like nothing just happened. Not regrettng it cos we would most definitely have broken up. And then, to say “hi” might turn into a/n herculean task.

I still wonder what made you like me, obviously, i was popular but then other basic things about me were nothing to write home about, e.g my dressing and exposure! Can’t say i did not learn from you, well, if i didn’t who would i have learnt from. If i should come back a million times, i obviously would still pick you as my bestfriend.Dunno why we drifted apart for those years, but the thing about BFs is that they are always connected. Even though most people especially @bootog thought we had gone our seperate ways. Breaks in-between and we still come back and gist like we never left. Those calling me a dull guy cos i never slept with you obviously can’t see what i see in you.
I once tweeted “Sometimes the heart can’t remain as just friends, it’s either just lovers or nothing”. Well the exception in our case, is what proves the rule.

Of recent we had cause to compete against each other for an AIESEC Executive Post, you won. Looking backward now ‘m glad u did cos you are obviously doing a better job than i could.

Twitter number game, and you tweeted “1127 missed d good ol’ days. Social ntwk freak. Talk too fast. Good boi gone bad”. i miss those days also. We have had ‘good times’ this year and I hope that they keep on coming, I just wish we could spend more time together but we are all growing up. I love how before we both had to pretend to be ‘normal’ around each other and now look how much that has change, we just don’t give a shit, I mean who else could I tell my mind to without having any thought of a backlash?

This letter is a lot shorter than I would like it to be, but sometimes words can not describe things that are extraordinarly felt. There is so much that I want and could so but we have so little time, I know you already know most of this anyway so do you really need telling?

You know yourself, but others out there don’t. Her name is Tomiwa Orolu. Follow her on twitter via @tmdoubleu

8th April 2012

Best Friend


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  1. this is sweet. Wait where did people get the idea that they can’t date their friends from???? its crap IMO.

  2. dating ur friend? Kinda awkward depending on how close u already are…

  3. Touching…

  4. She’s beautiful sha… Can i set P???

  5. Muchos… Touching!!!

  6. Nice 1 *as per normal*…LoL

  7. Dude, just went through your posts. Thumbs up (Y)

  8. Lucky u. Among the few with opposite sex as best friend… (Y)

  9. Nice one bro….i like dat ‘letter to my bestfriend’. Weldone

  10. Jeez, I am just seeing this…hmm…nw I understand…we all av that awkward relationship
    that can’t get better and can’t grow worse…that relationship that we sometimes wiish was better…relationship that shows our self while pretending…it gets better at the end tho…nice letter…

  11. Jeez, I am just seeing this…hmm…nw I understand…we all av that awkward relationship
    that can’t get better and can’t grow worse…that relationship that we sometimes wiish was better…relationship that shows our self while pretending…it gets better at the end tho…nice letter…

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