Sexual Harrasement!!! Day 2

This is day 2 of my 30-days series. Check my previous post here if you do not understand.

Most female undergrad do talk of sexual harrasement from lecturers. But i never in my wildest imagination ever imagined that i would fall a victim. Started when i started failing a course that i knw i was good at. Assignments, tests and exam i did. Now imagine my surprise when i saw 16 as total mark. Not funny @ all. Peope told me to go meet the lecturer and i did he told me to come back later, i did and that was when then the whole genesis-revelation strted. Asking me what i can do for him to pass me. 1st tot that passed thru my mind was to slap him but i knew i wuld keep on failing the course even if i wrote it 10more times. I looked at him, with disgust and told him i would do anything. He had one evil grin on his face and said he trusted me to do the right thing. Then he told me to go that we would see later.

Yesterday, he accosted me along the corridor and he asked me to his office, bad day- i was wearing a tube, my boobs pumped out, his eyes roved on my chest as if he would pluck, then he asked me to sit. He locked up his office and told me my problem with his course wolud be solved. Nothing goes for nothing, his voice croaked, i chuckled n he came nearer, began to fondle my breast. The old hag does not know how to do a chic, he just pulled my tube down n started to suck my nipples. He grabbed my hand n inserted it into his trousers. I squeezed, n i felt a nod inside. I tried to wet my pusy, i tickled my clit, then he pulled me up, leaned against the wall, he inserted his d*** in me and i felt him. He started to pump me as i jerked against his groin. I rolled and wind, he was grunting, he moaned erotically, he’s breathing became faster, i knew he was coming. Then someone banged his door.

He stared at me, we both didnt want to believe someone was actually at the door. Its easy for me, all i needed to do was pull up my tube, my pant could stay in my bag. The door banged again, “open up” it was the dean’s voice. The dean is a top islamic scholar, he takes sharia law. I didnt want to accept the possibility of sharia rules but it crossed my mind for a moment. My lecturer struggled with his clothes, i rushed to the pile of scripts and started looking for nothing, he’s AC was on, but he was sweating. He opened the door. The dean walked in and stopped briskly when he saw me, he stared at my breasts, i knew he didnt approve of my dress, then he looked into my lecturers eyes, he spoke native to him, i dunno what he asked, my lecturer replied and the only thing i was hearing was “ba kini, ha ha, yo wa!” my dean laughed out loud. Oops whateveter kini meant, in my language it means something, usually regarded less, but here, its saved my studentship and possibly my lecturer’s arm!


7th April 2011


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  1. Hmmm… Semi-Porn. The girl sef get her own for body!

  2. This is good…tho u gbagauned a lot o buh i don’t think i would miss tomorrow’s post…
    Thumbs up

  3. ba kini,haha, yowa….lol..
    Whatever that means..

  4. Errrr, did this happen?

  5. very bad girl……pls tomorrow’s post should not be about sexual harrasment

  6. err. Fact or fiction? r

  7. When did u start writing mojo? @didIThappen? The writer is a boy…! Next!

  8. @StraitTwistedMe u wrote that? ☺

  9. Very cool…I like it!

  10. Err… I don’t wanna sound stupid but where is the post ?

  11. Sorry my comment is coming late. Hmmmm, dis post e get as e be oh(the sexual part) Buh itz a VERY GOOD post! I’m giving you 60%-don’t think that’s low oh!

    You got a message across, and that’s a good one. And you ended it well. Thumbs up! But next time(I’m just saying what I think o), you might consider adding something to it-like what YOU think can be done to stop this act. Remember you’re trying to tell others something, except of course, if you’re just writing it as something random or for fun.

    Nevertheless, this is a beautiful work done. 60% for you. 😉

  12. Nice one…. *thumbs up*

  13. Thanks… It was not meant to be a moral post. Just a sexual-comcal one. Thanks…

  14. Ba kini,ha ha yo wa! 😀

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