My Scribbles. Day 1

Day 1

Erm… Where do i start.. Read @LilMsZaynab’s blog and she kinda wrote about consecutive blogging for 30days. Seems it was @OluwaWanababa’s idea… Coolies… Nw im seeing it as a challenge to myself… Cool story indeed, enough of ranting cos i just might keep on ranting and i would end up calling it a post.

Hmmm, i seriously wonder why God created me as a Nigerian. Why not a somalian or sudanese or iraqi. Yeah, someone out there is wondering if i’m normal, wondering why i did not choose italy, england, america or france. lol, i tot of those countries cos i needed another reason to thank GOD. Lemme not deceive myself sha, how would it have felt to be a citizen of any G8 Country??? We should just put hand together and push this country to a G8 level. Did someone just yimu? Smh, oh ye of little faith, afterall we’v come a long way from 1960 or haven’t we?.

On another note, anyone ever wondered about increasing sunny condtion??? Morelike Nigeria has been moved of the face of earth to the edge of hell. I saw a tweet of recent complaining of heat in jos. And i was like the end is near. Global warning Global warming/ Green effect and no one is doing any fucking thing about it. Cabs over 40yrs still ply abeokuta roads {dunno about lagos, le’s say 30yrs sha}. 99% of commercial cars out there should have been disposed say 10 yrs back. I recently had to travel inter-state and twas a fucking bad experience. The exhaust was bein released into the athmosphere and twas so thick that it was choking us in d the car. So much for protecting the ozone layer. The only good thing from that journey was dt i sat in-between two beautiful ladies{dt reminds me dt i’m yet to call them}. Back to  matters arising, if Lagos state govt could make move to purchase a canadian used train that’s over 30yrs then obviously the saying “if the head is rotten, then what do we say of the tail” comes to mind. If 2012 is like this, iCan’t wait for 2092 {smh4myself cos who said i would be alive then if the world doesn’t end this year?}

Hehehe… iHeard Patience Goodluck followed her husband on a foreign trip of recent and she had the luxury of meeting with other  first ladies, pity we can’t get a transcript of her contribution cos she could well have address them with “My fellow widows, i really happy to be in your midst. We all were once children and it’s a big pity i can’t read the speech i brought with me from abuja cos i forgot it in ASO-ROCK”.

In reference to the 2nd paragraph, i thank God i wasn’t born in china. Yeah, a country where bloggers are censored and made to register with the government before you can own a blog. A country where people are jailed on regular basis cos of what they write. What happened to Freedom Of Speech??? So much for being a developed country.

Plenty of us out here should have ignored blogging. Well everything that comes cheap are always mis-used. Nowadays, different blog are sprouting up and most for differents reasons either for gossip or just to feel among. Had we all had to pay to open a blog, i wonder if  it would have being the same. Well, anyone can hold a pen but, not just anyone can write!

Na overskill dey make monkey fall for ground. It’s 5:45pm, and i’v not had breakfast. So, lemme just rest my fingers b4 i start yarnng dust, that’s if i’v not started already.

April 5th 2012





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  1. Cool read. iLove the style you induced in your writing.

  2. Likey. The second paragraph and semi last. That monkey ish really got me laughing!!!

  3. ah the 30 day challenge. go to google and search out topics you can talk on. lol at the randomness of this post!

  4. This is so true…

  5. Very Random Creative Post. (Y)

  6. Random cool dust. Waiting for remainin 29 installments. (Y)

  7. Nice. Awaiting sequels.

  8. Most see this as a random post, but, i kinda see it otherwise. It’s kinda interwoven somehow. Cool one tho.

  9. Lol.

  10. It was nice. But, it lacks something, can’t put a finger to it tho.

  11. Sure boy. U don call d babe? Cool story here. Literally tho.

  12. Hehehe. You are not serious. D first lady speech. Hilarious.

  13. Let’s hope u survive the 30days challenge.

  14. Nice. The part about random bloggers is so freaking and annoyingly true.

  15. Sometimes, I also wish God had not made me a nigerian-so that makes us two 😀 However, it’ll always do us good to count our blessings. Nigeria will be better if we all join hands but I’m sure you know that the betterment will not take place within just a few years. 🙂

    You have a good post here but next time, work on the arrangement of the paragraphs and the ideas that they contain. For instance, you jumping back to paragraph 2 after paragraph 3 or 4 isn’t proper. Complete your ideas before moving to another. But all the same, it’s a nice write-up! Keep it up 😉

  16. loooool….kk this is nyc and i pray the 30 day’s blogging is sucessful but you’ll have to miss food for lyk 48hrs……i lyk this…well done

  17. Though random ,it’s also funny and cool. iLike !

  18. =====> “My fellow widows, i really happy to be in your midst. We all were once children and it’s a big pity i can’t read the speech i brought with me from abuja cos i forgot it in ASO-ROCK”.” still LMAO .. nyc ryt up brah (Y)

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