#Nigeria….. Fool @ 51???

Nigeria @ 50…..

Nb:- This was written a year ago…

It’s often well said that a fool @40, is a fool forever…..
!t later became a fool @ 18 is a fool forever…
Whichever1 it might be, what do u say of a fool @50???

They Said in 2010, all will be well, but now, we thinking If all can be good in 2050…
Giant of Africa… We all keep saying that, but where will u rank South-Africa, or Ghana…
Say the Name Nigeria to any1 on the street and the response is something of either a shrug or acceptance of the absurd state of living….

The labor of our heroes past
Shall never be in vain
If only the founding father of this ‘Great’ Nation can see how it all is now, I wonder if they would have fought 4 independency….

It’s a different thing to be under a colonial master and it’s another thing to be under the shadow of our own people…
But is there really any difference…
In both situ, the weak are oppressed…
And the multitude are afraid to protest…

This damage did not just start…
Nigeria ate the forbidden fruit when She discovered Crude Oil…
Greed erupted with discovery of oil
Don’t blame them, If a Child who is used to little is given something large,
We know how the end result ll be…
Had we jut stuck to Agriculture, It would av been a different story 2day…

Just look at us.
Everything is backwards.
Everything is awkward.
Doctors destroy health,
Lawyers murder justice,
Universities destroy knowledge,
Governments destroy freedom,
The major media destroy information…
And so on 2 mention a few…

Of wanton lusting…
Greed pitted against reason…
And conscience lost to treachery…
This best describes Nigeria…

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.
Every1 is expecting a change…
And yet, every1 is afraid to start the change…
It can all start with us…

A frnd asked me ‘When will it get better’???
I told him it can’t start with this generation of ours…
Children of 2day, Leaders of tomorrow….
A teenager who is already into Cyber Crimes and every other fast means of making money,
Will definitely nt think twice b4 taking his own share of the National treasure or National Cake as it is known…
Who then are we looking 4wrd 2 as Leaders of tomorrow!!!

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.
Not until we tackle d greed in us, and stop blaming the leaders above can Nigeria progress…
Well, it all dies down to prayer and good deed…

God bless Nigeria…
If only i mean that the way an American means it whenever he says God bless America…..
God bless Nigeria!!!



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  1. No need for all this. Nigeria will remain your fatherland. Be proud.

  2. Hmmmm… This deep and true… The part about everyone expecting a change and nobody bn ready to lead is true.

  3. @kemiii… I disagree. There is every need 4 it. Cos both the problem and solutions were outlined. @StraitTwistedMe. 9ce 1.

  4. Hmmm… No Comment. Well analysed. I like this esp 4th paragraph.

  5. 10/10. Simple.

  6. Sadly this is quite true. God help/bless Nigeria!

  7. Nigeria.Speaks

    @Kemmiii. D silence u want, is what’s killing nigeria. Speaking out, ll achieve little, but acting ll achieve much. I only hope we don’t go d libya, egypt or worse, somalia’s way!

  8. 51yrsOfIndependency.

    51yrs. And little nothing to show. So sad. Thumbs up 2 d writer.

  9. The labor of our heroes past… These heroes weren’t exactly saints. The people who fought nd died for Nigeria to attain independence were flawed too. Read ur history of Nigeria, the Western Region Crisis of 1951

    I think you’ve gone overboard wif some of your assertions.
    Greed is a component part of man nd our greed was most exhibited when we sold our people for mirrors, guns, etc

    Doctors do nt destroy health, they simply do nt av enuf facilities. Lawyers do nt murder justice. Try studying law then you’d understand the dispensation of justice. Justice is in the eye of the beholder. What is Just to me may nt be Just to you. Even almighty America was recently accused of a miscarriage of justice, with the execution of Troy Davis. Universities do nt destroy Knowledge. If they did, you’d have no reasons to be there.
    We may not be where we should be yet, but we’d get there.

  10. PresidentGEG...

    Greed pitied against reason. And conscience lost to treachery… This best describe nigeria. Sad but True.

  11. PresidentGEG...

    @nifemi. U’v gotten a point. But i don’t think he referred to our heroes as saints. But they strived in right direction.

  12. The_Nerdy_Chick

    Do you know what drives this country closer to its downfall? Pessimists. People who fail to see the good side of this country and focus on the ugly side.

    Is this what we need now? A severe lack of faith? Especially from a youth?

    My guy, if you started this blog in Libya, you wouldn’t live to finish it. If you were born in Japan, God knows where you’d be. And if you were a resident in Somalia…well you know the rest.

    See, if everyone had this thinking ability that reeks with pessimism, the whole country would go up in flames.

    Me? I’m proud to be Nigrian. And although the situation of this country is quite ugly, I’m glad we didn’t follow the footsteps of the countries mentioned above.

    Oh. Forget about our leaders. Those silly old men. We are our tomorrow. We’ll show ’em how to rule.

  13. I don’t like this country. 😦

    I want to come from Ghana. 😦

  14. @kemmiii. Sure, i remain a ‘proud nigerian’.

  15. @nifemi. They weren’t saints. But, they were better than this current generation of politicians.
    universities??? iBeg 2 disagree… Check LeadCity University, almost half of their graduates can’t speak fluent english… And they are graduate? Graduate my foot! How ‘ll u defend that?
    Concerning my going there, if the head is bad, ‘ll u cut it off?

  16. @The_Nerdy_Chick When the bad side, is more than the good side, which ‘ll u see?
    Ur comment is a typical nigerian’s view. We know the problem, but we tend to pretend as if it’s not a problem. Lack of faith, yeah. Lack of faith in the government. It’s time we all stop talking and start doing something.
    Libya, somalia. Look at those below you and thank God. But, does that stops you from wanting more? Why not compare nigeria with America? Why?
    And yeah, i agree. We are the future and we’ll show them!

  17. The foundation matters a great deal. The fault now isn’t with our universities but with our primary and secondary schools. Universities do nt destroy knowledge.

  18. The_Nerdy_Chick

    Typical nigerian view? Okay.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong in figuring the problem and tackling it.
    But it seems to me that you only do so once in a year. What happened to the other 364 we have? You admitted earlier that this post was written last year.

    You only do this once in a year and you’re still wondering why this country is still fcuked up? Why didn’t you complain during the 364 days we had and abandon this one day just for a little celebration? There isn’t much to celebrete, but should we cry?

    Now since you only lament once in a year, I’m looking forward to next year’s.

  19. @The_Nerdy_Chick. Once a year. Writing about nigeria? Hmmm… Check my last post on http://xxpressit.blogspot.com and u’ll c dt it’s more of a frequent thing. I only felt like sharing this cos the status quo from last year, still remained the same.

  20. The_Nerdy_Chick

    No qualms then.

  21. @The_Nerdy_Chick. Once a year. Writing about nigeria? Hmmm… Check my last post on my Blogger’s blog via http://xxpressit.blogspot.com/2011/08/nigeria-which-way-forward.html and u’ll c dt it’s more of a frequent thing. I only felt like sharing this cos the status quo from last year, still remained the same.

  22. @nifemi. True. Fault lies with them. But, how did they manage to gain admission? Whose fault is this?

  23. @NerdyChick. Yep. We on the same side… God bless Nigeria.

  24. Dis is vewi tru bout our country but we just ve to manage…. Be proud of ur country

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